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I am the Crazynator, The one leader who've created the Blue Force Defense, a 9 time dominator, the two time Intercontinental Champion of TF2, the two time group player of the week and the 39 time killstreak by using the Tomislav. I've join the o.W.n. After the B.F.D. was disbandded due to the "Betrayal Incident. And also became the Grand Marshal of the oWn's rebirth army! If you jerkwads planning to make fun of my voice than you're starting to make me mad, because if you do......I'LL TAKE SOMETHING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU!

Also, you people better have good reasons why you send me invites to my friend's list. If you're being annoying like a little brat, keep spamming trade requests, interrupting me while playing video games, currently on trade probation, or acting like a prick whose being disrespectful for no reason. I'll remove you from my friend's list and blocked you for good.

The Rules
1. Always respect the enemy. Bring them to our side unless they are a threat to our cause

2. Everything must be done with the approval of The Spy

3. Betrayals will not be tolerated and The Spy will hunt you down and make you suffer if you even think about it... and he'll know.

4. Never loot the enemy's weapons. Respect the dead... that is unless you meet them again after they respawned.

5. Outside of combat, you can do whatever you want EXCEPT for torturing prisoners or combat not from self-defense unless approved by The Medic.
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The Shuckinator! Mar 18 @ 12:04am 
Recently banned from the Furry Pound! I really can't fathom why.