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This bot will not add you to discuss deals, offer cash trades or verify your items!
Be careful and watch out for impersonators!

Keep your items safe!

Do your homework on trades you do!

Double, triple check the items you put in to the trade! (If the bot at your request sends you an invalid trade offer please report the issue to the support email! )You will only be refunded if there is an error on our side, otherwise:

Happy Trading! :)
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• We offer a place to create support tickets for our bots easily and quickly.
• A Music Bot
• Place to advertise tf2/dota2/cs go items for free !
• Place to advertise your artwork .
• Place to chat both on and off-topic.
• Afk voice channel.
• Normal Voice channels

General Information

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BBN No Longer Offers Refunds Of ANY Kind. ALL Trades Are Final!

Too lazy to send an offer yourself? Let me do it! Use the !buy / !sell commands so the bot will send you an offer!) e.g !buy Max's Severed Head / !sell Max's Severed Head

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Offer Got Declined? These can be the reasons :

▬►Item is overstocked.
▬►Low value on your side.
▬►You took an item that is not being sold.
▬►Invalid items.

Have problems with the bot? Use the support email! support@tf2.store

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