Danniel Reed Edington   Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
Hello, I am a proud native born Tuscaloosa resident. I still to this day live here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my beautiful wife (no kids). I love to smoke weed but only around friends and away from my wife because I wanna respect her. I love cars and trying to fix them but I'm very new to the topic so if any of you know anything about cars please contact me in-game. I love to go fishing especially since my friend owns a charter business down here in Alabama. If any of ya'll live down here in Tuscaloosa which you probably don't due to our small populated town, please contact me in-game and we might be able to go fishing or for a smoke together. I'm also selling a used 1996 Ford F150 if any of ya'll are in the mood to buy it and are looking for a nice sweet ride around town.
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