King.Tapz   United States
Hello, I am currently buying skins 24/7 so if you want to sell your skins above market price i am the perfect guy. I pay using steam wallet codes and paypal.Trade offer since in 99.9% cases I'm the one with more Reputation in Cash trading. but I'm open to send it first as well if you have some decent Rep in Cash trades.
The reason because honestly lots of my clients got scammed before so it's really not my problem anymore if you have trust issues on cashing out your items, now i can assure you that i do every transactions secure.
that's why i built my reputation because in the virtual world my guy. i dont know you, you dont know me either.
i could show you my recent trade history or feedbacks from clients that I bought items with recently or before or i could sharescreen on discord i don't mind.
i am a trusted seller as well.