Jordan   Dallas, Texas, United States
booST as in turbo. I drive full bolt on fiesta ST.
Some comp specs below. All from Micro Center built by me.
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booST Aug 9 @ 8:01am 
-AMD cpu 3600X (cooler master hyper 212 cooler)
-NVIDIA 2070 SUPER graphics
-Aorus X570 MOBO w/ 16gb fast gskill memory
-MSI Monitor 27in. cruved high res. 144hz..
-Seasonic focus gx 850..
-Corsair LL fans needed for NZXT basic case
-GLORIOUS model 0 mouse Hyper X keyboard
-SSD or gtfo; m.2 NVME for 500gb and a fat storage 2.5 inch drive
Car mods...if curious
-Mishimoto. full radiator system and turbo kit
-Willwood. (6piston.fronts) front and rear 2 piece rotors
-Cobb. intake and turbo back full exhaust also tuning AP
-BCcoilovers (ds series custom) and Konig forged wheels Bridgestone tires
.build in progress