1 year later and skeet is still at the top
the resolver's hitting head move an inch and you get dropped
im here zooming through mirage
you know i cannot be stopped
ima shoot you through a table grab my shank and you get chopped aye

look at aimware just sitting at the bottom
wait a sec, let's be real here, any cheat can top em
they think their antiaim is good
eternity can pop em


aimware is shit
onetap is shit
they still wouldn't be worth it even if the price was split
if your only cheat is aimware you're better off to quit
onetap was never good, not even a little bit

people have been talking and saying that skeet has fallen off
onetap users on the daily told to bend over and cough
aimware users are crying cuz they can't take the heat
but we are at the top SKEET SKEET #1 CHEAT

i understand that you're mad cuz you can't get invited
i'm back and better i guess you could say my flame ignited
you're getting shit on you're ego's gone and i'm excited

how does it feel when i'm spitting all these facts at you?
aimware kids are monkeys who should honestly be trapped in a zoo
i think i've said just enough to get my point through,
but when i say that skeet's the best, i promise it's true
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