Анна   Russian Federation
В войне не бывает победителей. (с) Arcane
Make love, not war!

Если совесть не мучает, это еще не значит, что она есть.

I don't trust words if they are not supported by deads.

Tx God for making wells that deep
To make us see the stars.

You can make a candy from sh1t, but the candy would be a sh1tty one.
But... If someone dreams about it, why not?
All are in their rights.
For sure there should be some sh1tting things in the World
to make caprophages enjoy their meal.

Enjoy your pizza)

No scum allowed, ngl.

I am audult woman, in most cases your mother's years old.
Russian, Moscow. As is.
tf2 began to be more interesting for me to play it with my son only.
He prefers pubs gaming with it's wide opportiunities and chilling,
while I began to love competitive with it's chess strategies and pursuit of excellent teamwork more and more.
I recognise clearly that I'm too old (=too slow) to skill up to prem,
I just enjoy playing and try my best again and again to play one day a really perfect team match.

Каждый должен возделывать свой сад.

Back to reality...
A long, long way back home.

Don't ask me how I feel about this war(.
I am woman. And I am mother. I know the cost and the value of ANY life.
No ambitions, no getback and no "saint truth" can worth a single life for me.
Anything else I treat like some kind of a deal with a devil.
But. Any one can use his own life the way he likes.
If there are men who are ready to put their lifes for some ideas - it's their choice and right.
BUT. If there are victims died unwillingly, without putting their life in it by their own choice - it's nothing but a murder for me.
No matters man, women, young, old or underage.

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Angel ✞ Apr 22 @ 5:48pm 
very comforting and cheerful. Great medic. Wish you all the best
i am in misery Apr 17 @ 8:19am 
крутая девушка, спасибо ей за поводырь моя турель выживает намного чаще с его помощью:winter2019happyyul:
SqnkaBG (SL) #TF2Center Mar 29 @ 10:35pm 
This comment rocks :)
KittyKate ❤ Mar 29 @ 2:44pm 
☮CombA☮ Mar 29 @ 10:34am 
Hey) If I was made in the USSR it doesn't mean that I belong to the past ;-)
SqnkaBG (SL) #TF2Center Mar 29 @ 9:38am 
+rep good medic gaming and USSR for life