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Sep 16 @ 12:44pm
In topic CDkey Unauthorized
Originally posted by Kiyoi Kuusoo:
Me and a friend are running through modules together. We've played just fine for the past two days, now it's saying his CDkey is unauthorized. We both deleted our cdkey.ini file to refetch it, both did a clean install and making sure all files were deleted and not a trace was left (even in hidden folders like appdata ect) And we can't connect to one another anymore.

Yes we also allowed NVN through our firewalls both on Windows 10 and modem/router. Also have the ports forwarded. Like I said, we played JUST FINE for the last two days.

i only encountered this problem when steam could not verify my installation.
Sep 16 @ 12:31pm
In topic [Linux] How to load a subscribed mod?
i have no problem with this on linux,only have to copy and paste things for the toolset...
cause its run in wine,and that is located in the documents folder.
merge the folders,that is what i do.

maby you need a hak file that is not in the workshop pack you downloaded.
like "the community expansion pack"
Sep 16 @ 11:56am
In topic Help with Random Name scrip
void main()
string name = RandomName(NAME_FIRST_GENERIC_MALE);

this is the most simple script...

is a constant,they are located in the constants tab in the script editor.
there are also constants for elf,dwarf,male,female,last-name etc....

always save your scripts under a different name,so they wont be the default script.
just do not name them the default,or you will overwrite those for the entire module you working on.

i do not know how to do a first and last name though.

optional,you could just add:
so you can run any script anytime you want.

i have just finished a random name+appearance script myself...

int number = Random(int max-number);
is very handy.

all my unimportant NPC's have a random appearance..not just a random name.
they also say 10 different random things when you talk to them.
Sep 15 @ 12:14pm
In topic NWN won't run
Originally posted by Nikes:
This NWN does no thaev any .ini files like that, it is on STEAM and not installed locally like the old NWN. the Steam folder's NWN subfolder deos not contain any nwn.ini config files.

Anyways - regarding the graphic card - she has this one: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
And she has got up to date graphic drivers.

it does have an ini file,its in documents/NeverinterNights not the steam folder on windows,or .local/NeverwinterNights for linux.
i have steam version,and mine does...

what OS is she running?
Sep 13 @ 10:20am
In topic NWN won't run
does she have a graphics card?...all i could think of is openAl 3.0 support is missing.
its the only thing between the old and the new version of the game,is the graphics.

you could also check the neverwinternights.ini file to check the settings of the game.
put everything on low,perhaps that will work,or adjusting the resolution.
it could be that the setting are too high for her pc on startup,or a resolution support problem.
should look something like this i think,have not tested it,might be a little more complicated.
and i think its a module event script,not an OnDeathScript.
this script however that you want is probebly best done by creating a whole new custom function,but im not a C programmer.
all i can create with the standart functions for you is this:

void {

void main {
object x = GetLastRespawnButtonPresser();
if ( death == 1 )
int hptoheal=1000;
effect y = EffectHeal(hptoheal);

Sep 9 @ 5:26pm
In topic Heroes DLC
it will add a few portraits to the portraits.2da file,which lists the portraits.
you could also make you own portrait,or download a few.....
or if you want custom portraits for your custom module,then you could edit the portrait 2da file,and add a few to the list,for the toolset.
tutorials can be found online........
the portraits of any module ( campaign or custom ) are the 2da file listing.
so nothing will change for the campaigns....but it will add a few portraits,for the Player,and custom modules creation.
however if your just looking for a cool portrait for yourself,you can add any jpeg as portrait by converting them.

NPC's can only use portraits that are listed in the 2da file.
(for module creation)

The PC can also use portraits from the portrait folder,that have been converted.

Sep 4 @ 1:53am
In topic module problem
ty for your response,
i have fixed my problem,i reinstalled the game...
the problem was that,i'm on Linux.
so the modules where saved in home/documents ( cause of wine ) instead of .local/documents.
my file was corrupted,this problem was fixed when i made a new module,after reinstall.
Aug 31 @ 4:45am
In topic module problem
so i fixed my problem of the module not showing up...
its saved in the wrong folder,so i moved it from /home/$user/Documents/Neverwinter/modules.

now it shows in game,but when i try to launch it,i cant press play,it sais its corrupted or something.
Aug 30 @ 5:56pm
In topic module problem
my self made module does not show up in the module list , in game.

it does show up in the documents folder of linux.
and it does show in the editor.

however i'm unable to launch my map,it only runs one time through the test map option.
then i have to restart my pc to get it to work again.
i cannot launch it from within the play/test it.
can some one help me fix my problem?
just want to make some modules.
kinda a waste of time ( making maps ),if i cant play them.
Aug 28 @ 10:41am
In topic Farming problem
no i did not set that up,but i have one farmer at start
Aug 27 @ 4:42am
In topic Farming problem
so i was building a few farms,when i noticed some of them where not getting harvested.
i changed my building style,gave them all a nice path,now they all do get farmed.
do workers walk over melons? and other plants?
cause something was blocking the path,and i can only think about the farm itself.
its a room problem.

i also had a problem with melons turning into rotten food,for some reason no one ate them.
and manual harvesting does not reseed farms.
Aug 27 @ 4:27am
In topic Flatter Maps ?
i just mine out a square of dirt,it takes a few minutes,but you will have a better building space.
( put all your workers on mining,and it will go way faster )
just grab a layer that has some good starting space,and remove part of the layer/layers that are taking up the space.
dirt mines faster then its do'able.
you have plenty of food and water to do this.
after,the first thing is building a farm,a animal pen,and the water well,cause water is the first thing you will run out of.
you want to start farming early,and you do not want to miss out on those chickens when they spawn.
also gather a lot of plant fiber,cause you also do not want to miss out on the early seeds.
when the trader comes.
it all comes down to a good start.
i have not really payed attention to this problem,only noticed it when a carpenter,gathered some wood for construction,it did not pick the nearest wood,not the farthest one either.
Aug 23 @ 11:10pm
In topic kings chamber
just some ideas for rooms:

kings chamber:
when i make a castle i want to make it for a king.
some kind of kings room,and leader,would be cool.
or something like a voting hall,(town hall)
or both.
for humans,would be cool if they have some race specific rooms like ancient has.
Aug 18 @ 8:09pm
In topic Is it worth ?
a few years ago yes!....
if you have not played it,then yes!

but these days i think of bethesda as greedy F***s,so no!
not from the steam store! its over priced! and re released a couple of times,just to keep the price high.

i do not know if the Special edition adds anything use full,that the legendary edition does not have....but i would go for a cheap legendary edition,there is perhaps still a few stores out there that sell that edition,for around 10-15 bucks.
remember this game is already 8 years 30 bucks is expensive!

fallout 76 shows how greedy they have become......
and there milking skyrim empty for every buck in you pocket.
just cause people like this game...
this game has been released so many times,and i have played through the full legendary edition.
yeah this game is fun!
but sadly its not replayable enough to keep my attention,or to buy it a second time.
unless you add some mods that keep the content fresh,and enjoyable.
Aug 18 @ 7:42pm
In topic New store filter
sometimes i look for cheap payed to play games,but when i filter on lowest costs.
i get a S*** load of free to play games i need to scroll through first.
its just some free advertising for these games,and i'm not interested in them.
if i want free to play games,i lookup free to play games.
shame all these games come up first,when looking for cheap payed games.
used to be just a few,but now there like 300 free games.
free to play games,should be in a separate part of the store!
not between the payed ones,i do not support free to play,nothings free,neither are those games.
please make an option where i can search for payed games only!
so i can support small developers,instead of those micro transaction c***.
they only make like 30 cents for every purchase,its not fair to those small developers.
that all those free to play games come up first.
Aug 18 @ 6:37pm
In topic hype
thanks for explaining,that mechanic.
Aug 18 @ 6:26pm
In topic How Did I Go Bankrupt So Fast?
conventions costs a set amount of money,depends on how big your stand is.
creating your own convention costs more.
if you do not have a game ready,does not matter,you pay a set amount,for signing up.
that are the only costs involved.

switch to low wage people,and low rent studios,that is why i got bankrupt.......
big games costs more money,but also more time,which means more wages and rent to pay.
a normal game can easily cost 500k to make.
also workers can range from 1-2k to 50k a month,could be even more.
if you want to save money,check rent and wages.
or buy the studio,so you wont have to pay rent,but that costs around 10 mill for the cheapest.
Aug 18 @ 6:16pm
In topic hype
i tried that,does the hype bar need to be full to trigger hype?
if so then that is what i'm doing wrong...still nothing on the graph bar,so far.
cant even get the hype bar full...conventions do not seem to help.
trying to achieve hype since i noticed it was always on Zero hype.
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