Short laugh
Short laugh 2
Evil laugh
Evil laugh 2
Evil laugh 3
Evil laugh 4
Evil laugh 5
"See! I told ya they were a bunch o' wee lasses!"
Long laugh
Long laugh 2
Happy laugh
Leaderboard class scout.png Dominating a Scout
"DOMINATED, twinkle-toes!"
"Dominated, ya wee scamperin' windbag!"
"Dominated, tiny man!"
"Don't come wide with me, ye pint-sized mutt!"
"Yer like a little bunny... scurryin' around, eatin' up yer lettuce and berries!"
"Yer so bloody TINY! Yer like a toy-sized version of a man!"
"Grow some hair on yer face, and come and try me again, lad."
"Oh, you're a wee little miss, you are!"
Leaderboard class soldier.png Dominating a Soldier
"DOMINATED! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
"I'll notify yer next o' kin... that ya sucked!"
"Hey, Private Haircut, I might've taken a bit too much off... yer head!"
"Mother o' mercy! Now that is a bloody domination!"
"Lot o' good that Soldier trainin' did ya! I'm drunk!"
Leaderboard class pyro.png Dominating a Pyro
"You've brought shame on yer people, ya mumblin' devil."
"Go home, lassie; men are fightin' here!"
"Go to hell and tell the devil I'm comin' for him next!"
"Burn! In! HELL!'"
Leaderboard class demoman.png Dominating a Demoman
"Thus begins my thousand year reign of blood!"
"DOMINATED! I feel everything! I know everything!"
"It is the Dominatening!"
"Welcome to the Dominatening!"
Leaderboard class heavy.png Dominating a Heavy
"Dominated, ya grease-drippin' pork pie!"
"Ohhh... there's a new gravy-filled angel in heaven."
"Dominated, ya blubbery Bolshevik!"
"A www. ... there's a new angel in heaven... IN HELL!"
"Little too much caber-tossin' pie down yer own throat, eh, chubby?"
Leaderboard class engineer.png Dominating a Engineer
"Don't hide behind yer toys, lad!"
"You're weak. I'm strong. and I win, toymaker!"
"That's a right pretty bra-washer ya built, ya big ugly girl!"
"You come wide at me again, boy, I'll stick that wrench right up yer arse!"
"Go on and build more o' yer little guns. I'll shove every one of them up yer arse!"
"If you were huntin' trouble, lad, ya found it."
Leaderboard class medic.png Dominating a Medic
"Dominated, ya Teutonic nursemai-(belches) Ahh... hah."
"How's that doin' no harm workin' out for ya, then?"
"Dominated! ...And I've been shaggin' yer wife! Hahah!"
"I dominate ya, Sawbones!"
Leaderboard class sniper.png Dominating a Sniper
"Perfect bloody domination, ya campy weasel!"
"Dominated, ya headshottin' Judas!"
"I hate you campers; everybody bloody hates you!"
"It's lads like you that give war a bad name!"
Leaderboard class spy.png Dominating a Spy
"Dominated, ya alley-skulkin' backstabber!"
"Yer a back-pokin' snake, and by God you'll die like one!"
"I hope I didn't scare you with my face-to-face man fightin!"
Nemesis RED.png Revenge Kill
"Cheers, mate!"
"They're goin' ta bury what's left of ye in a soup can!"
"I had me good eye on you the whole time!"
"Well, alright!"
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