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Direct from Mann Co's Randomizer Division and right into your own two hands, it's the latest and greatest in self-help technology! Now a functional SWEP for the very first time, you can experience the stress-relieving benefits of "The Escape Plan" today!
2,507 ratings
Created by - TiberiumFusion
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Does your life suck? Of course it does! You probably think you are doomed to be stupid, ugly, and smelly for the rest of your life, and quite frankly, any reasonable person would agree with you. But wait! We here at Mann Co. are anything but
655 ratings
Created by - TiberiumFusion
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Mr 602263 Jun 5 @ 10:30pm 
its only about 25$ for the base game and a extra 15$ for the DLC
Zoisite May 30 @ 9:28pm 
buy me risk of rain 2 please:ojseagull: