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Joe Aug 28 @ 5:26pm 
Hello, sorry to bother you - I'm having some trouble logging into my paradox account, and the password reset doesn't work. Are you able to help please?
Stalghrit Aug 22 @ 10:30pm 
Hello, I am having issues resetting the password of my Paradox Account. Submitted multiple resets and cannot log in using the new password I inputted. Can you help me with this?
PDX_Moderator_2 Aug 12 @ 6:16am 
@Chris, I can message users directly from a post so there is no need for the friend request. Thank you though, and I will reach out in the future if there are any issues with your posts.
Chris1996 Aug 12 @ 6:10am 
Sent you an invite so if you have any issues with any of my comments, or whatever you can see it and message me - i have put a lot into steam community and i want to continue to enrich it
bøbo Aug 5 @ 1:17pm 
I've sent you a friend request as a liasion to Grand Strategy General Industries, particularly the Godslayer Development Team. Accept it or face the consequences. Thank you for reading.
Sir Zip Aug 5 @ 12:28am 
Hi! sent you a friend request to resolve an issue with password reset.