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Why Sexy Tails and Other Puzzling Attractive Furry Things is the greatest game our generation has witnessed. While it has not been achieved yet, it will be acclaimed as the greatest game of our lifetime. In this review, I will be discussing the game in general, art, user interface, soundtrack, game optimization, and character design. I hope you enjoy this review

This game is a masterpiece, plain and simple, it's not only a distraction from the outside world but also a helper. The art of this game is just incredible with the amount of detail put into it and giving credit where credit is due. The showcases shown are awe-inspiring and just warm my heart to get me going for the next day. I spend hours of my day looking at the art for better or for worse, this rivals the works of any great artist out there like Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Iskra, Fluff Kevlar, and Adolf Hitler. I hope more art is added to this game and so many others appreciate it.

The Game play, like many others, played for the game play and stayed for the art. The game play makes you really think about strategy and thinking ahead like in chess but the game is more akin to quantum chess, real-time under pressure strategy like trying to clutch a 1v5 but the stakes are higher instead of winning temporary gratitude you will forever have the loyalty of the characters you unlock in-game, they’re real to me. ♥♥♥♥♥ ‘n’ holes is probably the most difficult game having you to really think about it, hard, and what moves you need to do in the now with a reaction time being 2.5 seconds and thinking about what's happening next. A color-coded juggling act where every miss will cost you, without a strategy, you have to deal with lady luck and she will not be on your side. Furryzle is a standard puzzle game but feels like doing a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, there isn't as much pressure as like ♥♥♥♥♥ ‘n’ holes but it's very enthralling. Jumpy Furry, being a donkey kong Esque platform jumper, instead of the protagonist being a fat horny Italian man, you are a horny furry, who is a fox… I think. This captures the life goals and essence of every person who has touched this game and opened their soul for a minute. Danger Teeth, a very simple yet very hilarious minigame. Where you are a little weenor, where you wanna get sucked by the “prey” (furries with no sharp teeth) and avoid the predators (ones with teeth) this game has a very close life story to me where, when I’m changing alone in the locker room, I avoid the sex offender wrestling coach to not have my testicles squeezed.

The user interface is a very overlooked aspect in many games but is a very welcomed feature. Pleasing to the eyes and very intuitive for the uninitiated. The option for an SFW version is also very welcomed just in case your belligerent father comes into your room and beats your ass. As well as the menu design being genius the color palate is very moody and works perfectly with this game, very calming, and works with the charming femininity of the characters.

The Soundtrack is a drawback. Although this game was created by gods of their craft and a very noble one. The soundtrack is very misplaced, when playing this game I hope for a more atmospheric and calming soundtrack like some slow jazz that many would listen to late at night. Sounds similar to the Three Sounds, Fourplay, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong. I wish the soundtrack could be adjusted just a little bit would inarguably be as masterful as the Quran.

Character design is very unique, very interesting to look at, and anatomical. Anthropomorphism is a very intriguing concept and this game explores it demonically. The vibrant color palette of these characters is absolutely amazing, vibrant, and very life-like. I believe these should be on display in an art museum. The details that are included are amazing, these artists are the modern equivalent to the Renaissance artists and philosophers. I applaud these amazing and talented artists.

This game is the best-optimized game ever, it takes up little space and can be run on any machine. Fortunately, my $30,000 gaming station can run this game flawlessly. I usually play this late at night when editing long videos and I need some inspiration, or maybe just a break from the monotony of life. The optimization helps with this game's accessibility and its readiness whenever you need it.

In conclusion, this game is the Cyberpunk that we never asked for but fortunately received. This game can appeal to so many different genres of gamers, whether you’re a competitive fps player, graphic novel enthusiast, or just the casual mobile gamer or boomer, there is a welcoming spot for every player type. I wish for success for these humble developers and artists. I hope life brings you all wealth and good fortune.

Update: My wife divorced me

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