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Zero Saints Thirty

Complete 'Zero Saints Thirty'.
Unlocked Dec 3, 2020 @ 2:16pm


Complete 'The Saints Wing'.
Unlocked Dec 3, 2020 @ 3:47pm

There Is No Pancakes

Complete 'A Pleasant Day'.
Unlocked Dec 3, 2020 @ 3:58pm

Don't Panic

Complete 'The Real World'.
Unlocked Mar 1 @ 2:50pm

Ghost in the Machine

Download a new ally into a robotic body.
Unlocked Mar 2 @ 10:17am

Didn't Need to See Him Naked

Complete 'Matt's Back'.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 3:19pm

Blast from the Past

Complete 'A Game of Clones'.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 4:46pm

Don't Look Down

Be airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 5:18am

First of Many

Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 3:41pm

You Chose... Poorly

Surrender when given the chance.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 2:33pm

Ooo A Piece of Candy!

Find 100 Data Clusters.
Unlocked Mar 1 @ 2:33pm

Double Team

Play Saints Row IV Co-op for 5 hours.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 2:20pm


Get your first Super Powers.

About Time!

Complete 'Welcome Back'.


Complete 'All Hands On Deck'.

Poodle Skirt

Complete 'Hello Teacup'.


Complete 'Batteries Not Included'.


Complete 'Grand Finale'.

Saints & Sensibility

Complete 'Grand Finale' after completing all Homie missions.

Half Way Home

Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the Simulated city of Steelport.

How It Should Be

Complete all open world gameplay in the entire Simulated city of Steelport.

The Full Kinzie

Do everything you can for Kinzie -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

Paranormal Bromance

Do everything you can for Matt -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

The Face of the Saints

Do everything you can for Pierce -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

The Two Shaundis

Do everything you can for Shaundi -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

Machine Man

Do everything you can for CID -- Quests and... everything.

On Her Saint's Secret Service

Do everything you can for Asha -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

Benjamin [CENSORED] King

Do everything you can for Ben -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.


Do everything you can for your Veep -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.

And I Ran...

Super Sprint for 250,000 meters.

Chill Out

Freeze and Shatter Kill 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power.

Pounding the Pavement

Kill 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.

Here! Catch!

Kill 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power.

Bringin' the Heat

Kill 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.

Fist Meet Ground

Kill 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power.

Experimental Tech

Kill 25 Aliens with each: Dubstep, InflatoRay, Bounce Gun, Disintegrator, Abduction, and Black Hole.

Maximum Stopping Power

Upgrade one weapon to the max.

Where's My Cape?

Purchase all Super Power upgrades.

I Am Become Death

Kill 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.

The Challenge King

Complete ALL of the Challenges.

The Whole Story

Find ALL Audio Logs.

Better This Way

Customize the style of all the weapons on your radial.

Back in the Day

Spend 2 hours outside of missions with past Saints Row characters as your homies

Switch Hitter

Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.

Zoo Keeper

Kill 25 Wardens.

A Real Cluster....

Find 100% of all Data Clusters.


Choose a new element for all of your superpowers.

Epic Jump Quest

Jump from the roof of 3 Count to the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or other rooftops.

Fourth and Forty

Spend over 40 hours in the Simulation.


Create and share a character online.

The Twin Saints

Complete ten Quests together in Co-op.

Super Power Team Up!

Beat all Missions and Loyalty Missions in Co-op.

All Too Easy

Kill Zinyak in less than 5 minutes in 'Save the Planet'.


Complete 'Meet the Dominatrix' without dying.

Rigging the Race

Destroy all the rival pony carts in 'At the Races'.

Health Inspector

Destroy all the green polyps inside Paul in 'Pop His Top'.

Bow to the Boss!

Kill the Dominatrix in 'Escape the Dominatrix'.

Friend of the Raptors

Complete all five missions.

Hello Little Friend

Get 250 kills with the Minigun.


Get 100 kills with the Flamethrower.

Ultimate Hot Potato

Get 100 kills with the Grenade Launcher.

...A Saint Gets a Gun

Ring all the bells in town in 'Miracle on 3rd Street'.

Minty Fresh!

Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in 'The Fight Before Christmas'.

Get that Kid to a Psychologist

Find all the snowmen vignettes in the North Pole.

Dear Santa

Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.

A Very Genki Holiday

Complete all instances of Genki Holiday.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Complete all instances of Naughty and Nice.

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