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art on my profile created by Lunaa and Jem
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I'm usually negotiable on my prices in pure.

As you can see i love purple, if you have purple effects for sell at a good price in the right place c:

smoker is gonna be hard to get off of me so if ur interested know that i'm gonna need a good price in pure
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Foxinator ღ Apr 16 @ 8:14pm 
:medicon: READ ME :medicon:

Locked my comments due to impersonators attempting to scam the traders in my comments. If you wanna discuss something id prefer a trade offer but a friend request will do. if u send trade offer let me know if you are negotiable or not. Thanks :)
Athena ❣︎ ✯ ♔ Apr 16 @ 6:47pm 
I sent you a friends request to maybe discuss something about either the rotation or the tundra vicious circle. if you just ignore ill take it as youre good for now. thanks! have a good one :)
Pyvon Apr 14 @ 4:25pm 
added to talk about an item
Added to offer
aj on a break, back in June Mar 26 @ 11:33pm 
Sold for 140 keys
ŠHÂDØW Mar 26 @ 5:23pm