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g0ne2s00n Aug 9 @ 6:21pm 
you were so kind and caring, truly one of a kind. i miss you so much deniz. you had the greatest sense of humour, we had the dumbest inside jokes that i couldn't even begin to explain. now we're just left with the memories of your presence, it doesn't feel right at all. i miss you man i hope you're resting easy <3
The Anti-Sex Jul 5 @ 12:41pm 
Happy birthday dude <3
Nagi Jul 5 @ 2:09am 
Happy birthday <3
inconjugable May 21 @ 3:15pm 
you're missed every day, dude. we love you.
WhxsMatt Mar 24 @ 11:09am 
wut Feb 11 @ 4:46pm 
miss you