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Info about me/ SFM Art Commission Details
Name: Smug

Tbh if you just came to my profile to make fun of me because i'm a furry, just don't, had to block someone that attempted to spam in my profile comments because of what i am.
(any hate/ toxic/ Racist Comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.
In case you ask questions, here are the answers you are probably gonna get
"Can i add you?" : Of course, just let me know the reason you are adding me, then i will accept

"Do you main (Example class)?" : No i do not main any classes, i like playing a bit of everything, and not sticking to one singular class

"Can i trade with you?" : Comment what you are interested in, and i'll see what i can do :)

"What is GFF?" (a question you might not ask) : GFF "Gamer's Freak Fortress" is basically, as the name says, a Freak Fortress 2 Server, its a small community of People that over time i enjoy being around (Especially doc, my Sweet Boyfriend)

SFM Art commissions Info

If you are interested, not only am i an admin on the GFF server, but i also do sfm art, and am slowly getting better as time goes on, if you would like one, the prices are below
SFM Art Piece Basic: A simple Closeup of your loadout (Weapons, eye effects, hats, cosmetics, and unusual effects)

(1 Refined Metal)
SFM Art Piece Normal: A Scene with your loadout (as info is listed above, with also allowing you to choose any map, even custom ones

(2 Refined Metal)

(Please Note that i will not be using things like Photoshop)

Thank you, and have a nice day!
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Having trouble finding the appropriate effect that you want when you are making unusual loadout posters ? No longer !
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s0laris Nov 15 @ 5:16am 
i cant stop slipping, oh god oh fuc k :B1:
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+Rep nice admin and friend
DoctorEntropy Oct 29 @ 6:12am 
Best boye~
Mannie Oct 9 @ 12:04pm 
Happy leif erikson day.
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doc, you goob~
DoctorEntropy Oct 7 @ 2:41pm 
This boye deserves alotta cheeeeeese