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Big Pete who Beats his Meat.

Imagine getting salty for what and how I play :steamsalty:

Totally not "lackin", I just got too much skills it seems like I suck at games.

Woah woah woah woah woah... calm down...
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aaron.amf Aug 6 @ 10:41pm 
IMPORTANT: read from top to bottom not bottom to top!!
aaron.amf Aug 6 @ 10:40pm 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ this guy is absolutely MAD for deals. His sanity must be plummeting by the minute, and that's what is causing him to make such absurd offers like this. I would be concerned about this guy; maybe he is only trying to throw in a once in a lifetime deal so that once he gives you the money, he will take your life AND YOUR PC AWAY. Once you take the 180 you will soon realize your mistake as the shotgun is loaded and his filthy hands won't let go of it. BOOM BOOM BOOM! The shots echoed throughout the valley and a flock of birds was startled. Before you finished your deathly scream, your head was blown off and the ground was stained with deep red blood.
aaron.amf Aug 6 @ 10:40pm 
You thought it was finally the end and your escape from the harsh reality of life has finally been deemed eternal, but then you could see your lifeless corpse lying on the dirt with ✧𝔄.𝔫.𝔡.𝔯.𝔢✧ still by it. He looked at that beautiful mustache with great longing and violently carved it out of your face with a knife. Before vanishing into the lush forest, he also took a fat ♥♥♥♥ on your chest (for good luck). Your field of vision was starting to blur now, and you were so very confused about everything now. This made you start thinking about the deal, that you should have stayed with Aaron's offer because it was obviously more trustworthy. All of those gaming and AFK hours had been dissolved to meaninglessness. Nothing had meaning in the first place - you were the one who had to find the meaning, so is it really that bad?
aaron.amf Aug 6 @ 10:40pm 
Then there was infinite darkness... until there wasn't."Damn that was crazy." you exclaimed as the mushrooms wore off. "I should never take any PC offers from this ✧𝔄.𝔫.𝔡.𝔯.𝔢✧ guy, and instead, should accept any offer made by Aaron instead!" All of a sudden, you woke up from the cringe coma you've been in for years, and realized this is finally the real world. "♥♥♥♥ this dude I'm not taking any PC offer. ever." You then jumped out the window of the hospital, and sadly didn't go out in glory, because you were then raped by a stray dog. Of course this was all hypothetical, and this started because you took ✧𝔄.𝔫.𝔡.𝔯.𝔢✧'s PC offer. So what if you took mine? 20 dollars and a can of beans final offer!!
Hey man , I put some very deep and precious thought about my decision yesterday. It was rational and I was at a bad time in my life . Take the 180 , ill throw in chiles shotgun and a furry to do as you please with.
shhheeeshhh , now A blowjob from another man AND 176$ ???? No way Pitris rejects that offer, 2 of his fav things. I give up , pc is yours