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Carab™ Jun 2 @ 5:22am 
Cops will bring you down taze you to your kneeeeees, They'll impound you're car because you're LEBANESE, LEBANESE
techno. Jun 2 @ 5:04am 
would you of hopped in my van, if you knew I was from Bankstown
TeamSpeakUser May 31 @ 12:48am 
its ducksu bruh
Carab™ May 31 @ 12:47am 
lmao, most legit gamer
Bert_Man May 31 @ 12:33am 
Not true, he is legit one of the biggest hackers on css and who knows what other games he hacks on. Very un-cool gamer.
TeamSpeakUser May 27 @ 12:27am 
very cool gamer