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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 26, 2019 @ 8:06am

I told you so!

Win the bet with your neighbor
Unlocked Mar 29, 2019 @ 5:48am

Good employer

Train your employee to level 5
Unlocked Mar 30, 2019 @ 1:59pm


Build a wind farm
Unlocked Mar 30, 2019 @ 11:37pm

The new life

Breed an animal
Unlocked Jun 23, 2019 @ 1:23pm

Fruit straight from the orchard

Finish the scenario “Fruit straight from the orchard”
Unlocked Mar 30, 2019 @ 1:50pm

First harvest

Finish your first harvest
Unlocked Mar 29, 2019 @ 5:43am

A breath of modernity

Buy your first farm machine
Unlocked Mar 29, 2019 @ 5:33am

Back to the school

Finish a training
Unlocked Jun 23, 2019 @ 2:06pm


Produce honey
Unlocked Mar 30, 2019 @ 1:30pm

Difficult beginnings

You have a negative balance

Let them envy…

Finish the scenario “Let them envy”

On the horizon…

Finish the scenario “On the horizon”

Business plan

Finish the scenario “Business plan”

Incredibly rich

Build a level 3 owner's house

Certified farmer

Finish all the trainings

Eco farm

Finish the scenario “Eco farm”

The breeder

Own 1000 animals

Breeder of the year

Finish the scenario “Breeder of the year”

Once-in-a-lifetime contract

Finish the scenario “Once-in-a-lifetime contract”

The land of milk and honey

Finish the scenario “Land of milk and honey”

The little army

Hire 100 employees

There is no bread without flour

Finish the scenario “There is no bread without flour”

Not all is lost

Finish the scenario “Not all is lost”

The new land

Buy additional land

Real Farmer

Finish the campaign

Straight from the field

Finish the scenario “Straight from the field”

Old school

Finish the scenario “Old school”

I bet on the green

Finish the scenario “I bet on the green”

Fresh early vegetables

Finish the scenario “Fresh early vegetables”

From the sweat of your brow

Own 30 fields with crops

Satisfy the carnivores

Finish the scenario “Satisfy the carnivores”

Fruit growers union

Finish the scenario “Fruit growers union”