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Early Access Review
Amazing game! It has great animations, calls that fit the dinosaurs, and the maps are all beautiful. But with every game, there will be the cons.

So pretty much my few small complaints of the game is:

1. The lack of collision. If you have luckily grown an apex predator or any apex in general, a smaller dinosaur can just spam attacks and stay behind you i.e. Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus, Utahraptor etc. These dinos take an hour and a half to grow and spending 7+ hours to grow your character to die to someone that is much smaller than you is pretty frustrating. Trample damage is already a thing but only present in a few dinosaurs.

2. Night vision in general is pretty bad. The only thing that has viable night vision is Dilophosaurus. It would be nice if night vision for all dinos was increased a bit.

3. I do NOT thing the public should have access to Hypos. They should be an event/developer thing, not something a regular player can have to destroy everything else.

4. Some dinos lack a realistic model. Utahraptor would look nice with feathers and I know T. rex would have some feather coverage at the dorsal area.

Other than these, the game is amazing and I highly recommend it. It really builds tension trying to survive and you feel like an actual hunter/hunted animal of the past. The growth times for all the dinosaurs seem fair and with the upcoming remodels and animations the game just keeps getting better.
Posted June 28.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries