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looganpualgmeaez34233242 Jan 3 @ 3:42pm 
Screw the pigs
Screw the pigs
They're wearin helmets, hardhats, usin tricks
Fake mustaches and green skin
It don't matter cus I know I'm gonna win
Birds on my side
They're pretty fly
Launch em in the air
The pigs can't hide
It's totally fair
You took our eggs like a spy
And besides, I got my finger as a guide
Touch the screen
The birds are angry, mean
They don't stop on Christmas or Halloween
They're always gonna switch to a different theme
They're definitely makin up the greatest team
Got that that slingshot and pull it back
Aim for the right spot then attack
You took our eggs
That was whack
And if you do it again, we're comin back
But sometimes you pigs just wont go
Always come again like 4 in a row
We gotta get em to stop cus they will overflow
Say goodbye
No hello
Stop your laughin and stop the snatchin
We don't have eggs so we don't have hatchin
Get ready for the birds who are so diverse
Let's talk about them in the next verse
And we're launchin
And we're crashin
Let's hit the pigs til they all go pop
We're the best birds
But we're angry
If you take our eggs we're never gonna stop
Every theme and level we will get three stars and set you straight
Maybe find a golden egg and win until the next update

looganpualgmeaez34233242 Jan 1 @ 9:57pm 
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