かわいい   Yangon, Myanmar
:csgocross: :csgocross: :csgocross:
cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0;cl_crosshaircolor 1;cl_crosshairdot 0;cl_crosshairgap -3;cl_crosshairsize 2;cl_crosshairstyle 4;cl_crosshairthickness 0

alias show show1
alias show1 "+cl_show_team_equipment; bind w +showup; alias show show2"
alias show2 "unbind w; -cl_show_team_equipment; bind w +forward; alias show show1"


bind "W" "+forward; r_cleardecals;

developer "1"
con_filter_text "Damage"
con_filter_text_out "Player:"
con_filter_enable "2"

net_graph “1”;
net_graphpos “2”;
net_graphheight “1”;
alias “+scorenet” “+showscores; net_graph 1”;
alias “-scorenet” “-showscores; net_graph 0”;
bind “tab” “+scorenet”

cl_radar_scale 0.3

mat_monitorgamma 1.6

bind "h" "toggle gameinstructor_enable"

alias +jumpthrow “+jump;-attack”
alias -jumpthrow “-jump”
bind “space” +jumpthrow

volume "0.2"
voice_enable "1"
voice_scale "1"

cl_righthand 0
cl_righthand 1
BindToggle V cl_righthand
BindToggle v cl_righthand 0

net_graph 1

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind Alt "+jumpthrow"

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trash whatever you were playing lol
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