pink lemonade
alex   California, United States
Good day to you
Reminder to stay hydrated.
I like being stupid in TF2.

im a medic main. []
i suck at other mercs but i try lol
always down to game with whoever, just don't be toxic.

p.s. i change my name a lot but the one i use the most is pink lemonade

certified idiot#0903

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
Sharks are cool.
cheeto 16 hours ago 
not impossible im.human.>:3
pink lemonade 22 hours ago 
cheeto Sep 23 @ 4:51pm 
im real
cheeto Sep 23 @ 3:15pm 
fax fax fax fax machineeee
pink lemonade Sep 23 @ 3:15pm 
FR!!! 💯💯
cheeto Sep 23 @ 12:42am 
U only speak fax keep it a 100