Wilhelm Wagner
I am a medic main in TF2, and I am decent at that. I also play demo. I attempt to build in Terraria, but often fail.
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About me
I am just a TF2 player who's kinda bad, but still does well because the stupid things I do work out. Somehow. I just play and do what I think is fun, honestly. I enjoy listening to video game music, my favorites come from Touhou. I do not trade, as I am paranoid of scammers. Alright, Q and A time.

:p2blue:What classes do you play?
Medic and demo, as I like healing and helping others as medic, and demo is powerful, mobile, and easy to meme with.

:p2blue:What classes do you hate?
Sniper. 150 damage with a bodyshot kills medics in 1 shot, and I play medic. I also have an aversion to Scouts who spam the E button.

:p2blue:Do you play comp?
Not anymore. I used to, but I was replaced by a better medic.

:p2blue: What about Faceit?
I enjoy playing Faceit, as it almost guarantees me a competent team to heal, and no bots. My Faceit username is quiteironic.

:p2blue:What about the other games you play?
I'm told that I'm a genius in Among Us, but I doubt that. I think that I'm just lucky. I used to build a lot in Terraria, and was actually pretty good in my own eyes, but I ground out 200 quests and got burned out. I play Touhou, a Japanese bullet hell, where I am sort of competent, but I mainly play for the music.

:p2blue:Can I add you?
If I played against you and you were cool, sure.

:p2blue:What's with your unusuals name?
I love history, and Prussia is my favorite German state. Since I like Prussia, why not name the hat after the state that made them?

That's all I have. I hope you had fun while playing with or against me, screw the bots, and have a nice day.

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