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Cynic   British Columbia, Canada
Just another Achievement Hunter. Grew up on Nintendo, became addicted to Achievements on Xbox, followed Bloodborne to Playstation, & now at long last have arrived to Steam.

Let us conquer worlds together!
100% Achievement Guides - Complete List:
Guides In Progress:

Final Fantasy 13:
1. Main Campaign
2. Crystarium Farming
3. Gil/Treasure Hunter Farming
4. 5-Star Cie'th Stone Missions
5. Edit Guide
6. Input Into Steam

The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition
1.Roche's Path
1.1 Chapter 1
1.2 Chapter 2

1.3 Chapter 3
2. Arena
3. Iorveth's Path (Insane Difficulty)
3.1 Chapter 1
3.2 Chapter 2
3.3 Chapter 3
4. Edit Guide
5. Input Into Steam

Nioh - Complete Edition:
1. Main Campaign - 100%
2. DLC: Dragon of the North - 100%
3. DLC: Defiant Honor - 100%
4. DLC: Bloodshed's End - 100%
5. Way of the Strong (NG+) - Mop Up
6. Edit Guide
7. Input Into Steam
Comments: This will be another 100+ hour guide; I will plunk away on this one when I take breaks from my other guides...

Published Guides:
1. Batman - Arkham Asylum
2. Batman - Arkham City (Parts 1-2)
3. Bioshock: Remastered
4. Bioshock 2: Remastered
5. Bioshock - Infinite
6. Blasphemous
7. Dark Souls: Remastered
8. Dark Souls 2 - Scholar of the First Sin
9. Dark Souls 3
10. Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen
11. The Darkness 2
12. Fallout - New Vegas
13. Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition
14. Half Life 2
15. Half Life 2 - Episode 1
16. Half Life 2 - Episode 2
17. Metal Gear Solid 5 - Ground Zeroes
18. Metro 2033: Redux
19. Metro 2034 - Last Light: Redux
20. Metro - Exodus (+ Enhanced Edition)
21. Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor
22. Middle Earth - Shadow of War
23. Mount & Blade - With Fire & Sword
24. Nier - Automata
25. Plants vs. Zombies
26. Portal
27. The Wolf Among Us
28. Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus

Potential Guides:
1. Portal 2
2. Fallout 4
3. Jedi - Fallen Order
4. Wolfenstein - The New Order
5. Just Cause 2
6. Dark Siders 1
7. Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance
8. Dying Light
9. Black Mesa
10. Sekiro
A Cynical Disclaimer
I will apologize in advance; this Steam Profile is strictly for "business". As such, I will not be accepting any Friend Requests (though the gesture isn’t lost on me). Typically, I will only respond to debug/Achievement help or guide errors/typos in my guides & usually not to any positive feedback (unless it's here on my profile; come say hello!). Though I do very much appreciate all the love & support! I read all of my comments & try to go Online at least once a day to respond to any queries or notifications as quickly as I am able to.

I write my guides at the same time as I 100% them for myself. This helps me make the guides more descriptive & accurate, however it can add on quite a lot of time depending on the game. I try to release 12 guides a year, but as stated above, that really depends on the projects I decide to attempt. Summer is a slow period for me guide-wise as that is when my day job's field work kicks in (animals are more active during the Spring/Summer than the Winter); I am most productive with gaming/guide writing in the Winter months when I am mostly stuck in the office & not burnt out from being in the field.

Thank you all so much for giving meaning to my passion; Happy Hunting!


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Henry Jun 28 @ 4:09pm 
great guides, appreciate all the work and effort :heart:
capSR Jun 13 @ 10:42am 
Just come to say u r truely amazing. I've completed about 3 or 4 all achievements following your guide. I'm playing arkham city now and it's really a surprise that you have this game's guide too. What a surprise! Hoping to see your guide next time and good luck on your achievements hunting!:steamhappy:
Cynic 0055 Jun 8 @ 5:31pm 
Zo Jun 8 @ 4:16pm 
Love ya bro :p4g_love:
Cynic 0055 Jun 6 @ 5:31pm 
Hey kiciasfinks, thank you so much I genuinely appreciate that! This was only supposed to be a small passion project of mine just to mess around with while I was 100%ing games... & then I got really invested. I also went into this hoping that at least one person out there would find a guide useful, not expecting how many actually did. Really exciting & really humbling too. Good luck on your Achievements & Happy Hunting! :praisesun:
kiciasfinks Jun 6 @ 8:01am 
Just wanted to come around and let this be known - you're an incredible creator and I can't really express the amount of respect I believe you deserve in the community. Hoping you'll be a "household" name in a few years, you deserve it.