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Cynic   British Columbia, Canada
Just another Achievement Hunter. Grew up on Nintendo, became addicted to Achievements on Xbox, followed Bloodborne to Playstation, & now at long last have arrived to Steam.

Let us conquer worlds together!
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100% Achievement Guides - Complete List:
Guides In Progress:

Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain
1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. All Mission Tasks
4. S-Rank
5. Edit Guide
6. Import Guide Into Steam

Published Guides:
1. Batman - Arkham Asylum
2. Batman - Arkham City (Parts 1-2)
3. Bioshock: Remastered
4. Bioshock 2: Remastered
5. Bioshock - Infinite
6. Black Mesa
7. Blasphemous
8. Dark Souls: Remastered
9. Dark Souls 2 - Scholar of the First Sin
10. Dark Souls 3
11. Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen
12. The Darkness 2
13. Dying Light
14. Fallout - New Vegas
15. Fallout 4
16. Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition
17. Half Life 2
18. Half Life 2 - Episode 1
19. Half Life 2 - Episode 2
20. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Parts 1-3)
21. Metal Gear Solid 5 - Ground Zeroes
22. Metro 2033: Redux
23. Metro - Last Light: Redux
24. Metro - Exodus (+ Enhanced Edition)
25. Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor
26. Middle Earth - Shadow of War
27. Mount & Blade - With Fire & Sword
28. Nier - Automata
29. Plants vs. Zombies
30. Portal
31. Portal 2
32. Saints Row the Third (+Remastered)
33. Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
34. Star Wars - Jedi - Fallen Order
35. The Wolf Among Us
36. The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings
37. Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus

Potential Guides:
1. Wolfenstein - The New Order
2. Nier - Replicant
3. Attack On Titan 2
4. Dragon Age - Inquisition
5. The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
6. Horizon Zero
7. Mortal Shell
8. Left 4 Dead
A Cynical Disclaimer:
I will apologize in advance; this Steam Profile is strictly for "business". As such, I will not be accepting any Friend Requests (though the gesture isn’t lost on me). Typically, I will only respond to debug/Achievement help or guide errors/typos in my guides & usually not to any positive feedback (unless it's here on my profile; come say hello!). I do very much still appreciate all the love & support however, so thank you! I read all of my comments & try to go Online at least once a day to respond to any queries or notifications as quickly as I am able to.

I write my guides at the same time as I 100% them for myself. This helps me make the guides more descriptive & accurate, however it can add on quite a lot of time depending on the game. I try to release 12 guides a year, but as stated above, that really depends on the projects I decide to attempt. Summer is a slow period for me guide-wise as that is when my day job's field work kicks in (animals are more active during the Spring/Summer than the Winter); I am most productive with gaming/guide writing in the Winter months when I am mostly stuck in the office & not burnt out from being in the field.

I have started noticing some of my guides circulating around on shady “gaming” websites like Riot Bits. I am not making money off these anyways, so I don’t technically care, but to all reading this: I will only ever post my guides on Steam & never put things behind pay walls. Unless it is on the Steam Community Hub or my Steam Profile, it means my guide has been plagiarized to make some other site money. Sucks to suck, I guess. On that note, if you are interested in a little bit of patronage, support my projects & consider buying me a coffee or beer. If not, no worries; my guides are & will always be free content. :steamthumbsup:


Happy Hunting, & I will see you in the next guide! :praisesun:


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Cynic 0055 May 28 @ 3:11pm 
Hey girl, I actually have Nier Replicant mentally slotted for this September-ish (potentially sooner). After I do Phantom Pain (which I am hoping to be done by the end of June or mid July), I will probably write a guide for a "shorter" game to refresh myself, then start Replicant. Super excited to play it as Automata is an amazing game! :machine_lifeform:
girl May 27 @ 7:45am 
ur guide for nier automata helped me all the way through :D my save randomly got lost as i was almost done though so ill have to come back to it again some other day, hoping you make that nier replicant one too :]
Kreyzi Bratva May 20 @ 3:51am 
100% group on Steam would love to have you!
Mouse May 20 @ 2:16am 
Thank you so much for your guides! <3
Bunta May 18 @ 2:33am 
Thank you for the guides and the dedication you put into making them :os_niko:
Fusionball May 15 @ 11:56pm 
I f*cking love your guides. I followed them for some of my games, very well-written and interesting. Bravo. Please never stop. :steamthumbsup: