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Unlocked Aug 30, 2019 @ 7:39am

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice - Perform a combo that deals 5000 or more damage in Training Mode.

Snake Way Sensei

Arcade - Complete the Snake Way Course.

Extreme Gravity Guru

Arcade - Complete the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course.

Hyperbolic Heavyweight

Arcade - Complete the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course.

Care to Become the next God of Destruction?

Arcade - Complete a course with an S Rank.

I am Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan!

Story - Complete the Super Warrior Arc.

Link Level 20

Story - Raise Link Level to 20.

Link Level 40

Story - Raise Link Level to 40.

To Test Myself, I Too Will Fight

Local Battle - Play a match.

Ladies and Gents, We Have a Winner!

Tournament - Emerge as champion.


Practice - Complete all battle tutorials.

Don't Underestimate Earth!

Practice - Complete 30 Different Combo Challenges.

The Power to Go Beyond the Super Saiyan!

Practice - Complete 100 Different Combo Challenges.

Before Creation Comes Destruction...

Practice - Complete 200 Different Combo Challenges.

Goku Isn't the Only Super Saiyan...

World Match - Play a Ranked Match.

You Can't Win This...

World Match - Play 10 Ranked Matches.

This Pain Will Make Me Stronger!

World Match - Play 20 Ranked Matches.

My Power Level is 530,000

World Match - Acquire 530,000 BP.

Casual Combatant

World Match - Play 10 Casual Matches.

Arena Enthusiast

Arena Match - Play a match.

Arena Expert

Arena Match - Play 10 matches.

Just Looking

Arena Match - Observe a match.

It's Play Time!

World Match - Play a Casual Match.

Lemme Play Too!

World Match - Play 20 Casual Matches.

Stamp of Approval

Replay - Use a Z Stamp while watching a Replay Channel.

Deep Pockets

Acquire 5,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.

Arena Aficionado

Arena Match - Play 20 matches.


Acquire 1,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.

Yo, I'm Goku!

Complete a quest tutorial.

Farewell, Tien...

Complete seven or more quest tutorials.

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