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My Game Bans
i was dared to cheat on one my favorite games by a friend, didn't end up well
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Where do i start? the amazing "Radio los santos" that got me into hip hop, the sad, funny, interesting storyline. don't get me started on the characters! every character is so unique and interesting - especially the main characters! This game was a HUGE part of my childhood, it's one of the first games i actually enjoyed playing on my PS2 Back in the day. good times. i will never forget this masterpiece - And i hope one day Rockstar games will remaster or make a similar game to GTA: San andreas.
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Mr. Stalin 29 чер о 7:17 
shut up amerikanski!
SLeepeR 29 чер о 3:38 
the exact words i'd have spoken, mr. stalin. undying wisdom, as always.
Mr. Stalin 28 чер о 16:37 
Wait this guy? oh he's what i call a EPIC gamer ☭