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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 6:04pm

Start a fire!

Start a fire in the boiler.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 6:01pm

Burn a Doll

Burn a darkness doll in the boiler.

Wrong Doll

Burn a Pacify doll in the boiler.

Key Master

Collect all keys in single player or cooperative mode.

Key Hoarder

Hold all the keys at once in player versus player mode.

Pacify Her

Give the girl a doll when she is a monster.

I love lore!

Read all notes.


Push someone down in player versus player.

You are a doll.

Get attacked by the girl.

One Man Team

Win the game in single player mode.

Win with Friends

Win the game in cooperative mode.

Destroy the competition.

Win the game in player versus player mode.

Save a friend

Give the girl a pacify doll while she is attacking a player.

Revive yourself

Burn yourself in the boiler and become normal again.

Beat the game developer

Win a single player session in under 20 minutes.

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