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Personal Achievements

Tribe Is Strong!

Reach 200 Population

Dinosaur Dundee

Kill a total of 500 wild dinosaurs
0 / 500

Raptor Rush

Win a game as the Sage by building nothing but Wisps and Raptors

Strong Rule Weak

Win 20 Skirmish games
0 / 20

The Path to Power

Capture a total of 100 Go'n Shrines
0 / 100

Bigger is Better

Recruit 10 Golems, 10 T-Rexes and 10 Mammoths in one game each.

Stone Age of Empires

Build every structure in the game at least once

Wendigo of Wallstreet

Mine a total of 100000 crystals
0 / 100,000


Pick every talent at least once and win a game with it

You complete me

Win 10 Team Games
0 / 10

Taste My Lightning!

Use every power at least once


Steal 25 shrines from an enemy
0 / 25

King of my Castle

Build 4 Settlements, 10 towers and research Fortification in one game

I came in like a Wrecking Ball

Destroy a total of 200 enemy structures
0 / 200

Top of the Food Chain

Kill 25 wild T-Rexes
0 / 25

I wasn't even trying

Win a Skirmish 1v1 vs a very hard AI

Survival Artist

Play Survival Mode on medium and survive until wave 25

Jack of all Trades

Win 10 games with each faction

Active Ability is an Alliteration

Cast a total of 200 active abilities
7 / 200

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