кяυsтү LFT
Buraydah, Al Qasim, Saudi Arabia
Leave racial slurs on my profile please. Ill +rep you if you do

I play a lot of TF2 if not the only thing I do on steam lmao

I do not accept random friend request either, I had enough of the whole "I reported your account on accident"

Idk man i'm not good at these things. :ethereal: But I like Dee <3

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кяυsтү LFT 8 hours ago 
Medic main everyone
Krampus 8 hours ago 
-rep missed every shot and then rage quit when I called him bad 😼

Maybe if you focused more on fragging rather than getting pegged you’d do better 🥱
кяυsтү LFT Jul 26 @ 10:59pm 
LETS GOOOOOO:SmugBushwhacker:
Lexiproot Jul 26 @ 10:57pm 
+rep good player 11/10 id die for you :jarate::jarate::jarate::jarate::jarate::jarate:
Peamupbubber Jul 25 @ 1:25am 
thanks for calling me insane lol never really got complimented much on spy :)
pikachufrankie Jul 5 @ 7:34pm 
+rep you are gay and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥