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Welcome to my profile!
I am Sparx, I have been playing games since a very young age (as long as I remember) and nothing makes me want to stop now. Join my Discord []

Garry's Mod
I have been playing Garry's Mod since early 2016 (on my old account) where I first found my love for Star Wars RP on Imperial Gaming (no one would remember me but I was LCPL 1993 Styx in Shore) where I still play today. Below find my notable or current positions:
Private [Φ] Sparx (Storm Commandos, Imperial Gaming, Current)
Acting Operative Klaus Greuber (Imperial Security Bureau, Gateway Gaming, Current)
Initiate Ra Sha'dan (Sith Inquisitors, Gateway Gaming, Current)
Trial Moderator (Imperial Gaming CWRP, ImperialRP and SantosRP, Resigned after Santos died, prior to reboot)
Server Manager (Paramount Gaming)

Lego Games
Since a young age I have been fascinated with Lego, mainly Lego Star Wars. With this love I found myself playing most older Lego games on the Wii (Star Wars TCS, Batman, Batman 2, Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones 2) and later the newer ones on PC and PS4 (Jurassic World, Lego Movie, Star Wars TFA) which was amazing. I am now revisiting older games (TCS, PotC, Batman) for the memories, with intentions to play all my old favorites again.

Dead by Daylight
While I no longer play on PC, switching to PS4 as my computer cannot run the game well enough, I am still an avid fan, owning all the DLC, grinding my characters and regularly playing during my off time. I am always happy to play on PS4 and will be happy to play on PC once I can afford a better computer, which may be a while as my current job prospects will not pay heaps, and I will need to save for rent when I move out.

IRL Hobbies, ect
I am still a big fan of lego, occasionally buying bigger sets to display, such as recently the Tantive IV (2019) and the First Order Star Destroyer (2018) which are now sitting on my shelf. I am also heavily into hands on crafts, which is in part why I chose to go to a trade school and study Mechanical Engineering, and am now hunting for an apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner.
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