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war... War Never Changes



Arigato gyro.

Murkywater have a significant presence here


bhop bind cs1.6

bind "MWHEELDOWN +jump"
bind "MWHEELUP +duck"

ver a velocidade do seu bhop cl_cmdrate

use isto para melhorar seu bhop fps_max 100 fps_override 1

tutorial https://www.megatopico.com/aprenda-a-bunnar-bhop-t2922.html



fov_desired 50













-threads 2

-heapsize 2097152


-windowed -noborder -high -dxlevel 70 cl_threaded_bone_setup 1cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1r_threaded_particles 1r_threaded_renderables 1r_queued_ropes 1studio_queue_mode 1gmod_mcore_test 1

// Bad connection
// cl_cmdrate 66 // Number of command pakets sent to the server per second.
// cl_interp 0 // Interpolate x seconds from game (0.02 = 20ms)
// cl_interp_ratio 2 // Sets the interpolation amount (final amount is cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate).
cl_lagcompensation 1 // Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events.
cl_pred_optimize 2 // Optimize for not copying data if didn't receive a network update (1), and also for not repredicting if there were no errors (2)
cl_smooth 0 // If set to 1 attempts to smooth the view after prediction errors.
cl_smoothtime 0.01 // Time over which to smooth the view after prediction errors if cl_smooth is enabled.
// cl_updaterate 40 // Number of packets per second you are requesting from the server.
// rate 60000 // Max bytes/sec the host can receive data.

Parabéns chegou até aqui pra não ter nada legal não?:-P

-dxlevel 80 -novid -nojoy + violent_ablood 0 + violent_agibs 0 + violent_hblood 0 + violent_hgibs 0 mat_phong 0 mat_mipmaptextures 0 r_rimlight 0cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 -threads 2 -nod3d9ex

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -high -dxlevel 80 -novid -nojoy + violent_ablood 0 + violent_agibs 0 + violent_hblood 0 + violent_hgibs 0 mat_phong 0 -sillygibs -threads 2 -nod3d9ex -noipx mat_phong 0 -w 800 -h 600

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Hey there!

This build is explicitly focused on Close Range combat but also packing a punch with other weapons at a further away proximity. The skills focus on the survivability with Melee damage being high up but also including inspire and doctor bags /
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