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-   Matsudo, Chiba, Japan
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Fake black pearl P1 (0.006890218) Bought for 700 GBP (Sold)
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Competitive Matchmaking has been completely ruined by cheaters, Games are being HvH and legit players are caught in the middle, I gave this update a break seeing as it could of improved CS:GO as a whole but the cheating problem has gotten to the point that I don't even want to go near matchmaking. If you are looking for a better MM experience then FACEIT or ESEA are your best bet. Giving Prime to every user who bought the game was a total joke. Danger Zone isn't too bad but expect cheaters there too unfortunately and free to play users who wish to try CS are pretty much screwed too.
This is the update that killed CS:GO.
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alexanderswereld Jan 3, 2020 @ 2:02pm 
F unlucky trade
tkvcheng Dec 26, 2019 @ 9:54pm 
+rep very patient, trustable
Bonz1 Dec 23, 2019 @ 8:33am 
+rep great trader i went first with PayPal.
ministr_kaifa Dec 21, 2019 @ 10:04am 
+rep trusted trader
King-spoon Dec 17, 2019 @ 7:19pm 
Wanaa sell a dota thing to you
Holo Trade Banned Dec 16, 2019 @ 9:02am 
+rep very patient, trustable