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"You are the ocean's gray waves" Oh wait, wrong game.

Do you enjoy likeable characters? Do you enjoy beautiful art scenery? Do you enjoy water atmospheric settings and mermaids? Do you enjoy romance? If you answered yes to most or all these questions then Aquadine is for you! Aquadine tells a beautiful story through themes of family, friendship, trust, and finding love. The tale is of friends and the real life struggles that we all face and the paths we take when confronted with these struggles. But it's not just about the challenges we face, but as well as the fun times it is to hang out with friends and family and making lifelong lasting memories. The game is on the short side, around 10 hours if you're an average reader, although I took close to 20 because I like savoring these VNs for a bit longer. But wow did I enjoy my time with every single hour I spent on this beautiful visual novel.

The artwork in this game is aesthetically pleasing. Seeing as the setting of this VN takes inspiration from the water city of Venice, the color blue is prevalent. It makes for some very gorgeous scenery throughout Aquadine's locations. This VN also has some nice world-building when it comes to the city, the characters, and the history of the land of Aquadine. Also the music in this game is so good! So many good tracks throughout the VN. There's even some vocal songs sung by characters in game. Ear pleasing in addition to aesthetically pleasing!

The VN follows a cast of 5 central characters, 6 if you include the MC's double identity, through a journey of fun times and mystery for this joyful group of friends. The character themselves are great and each one is rich with personality, they complement each other well. You can really see the camaraderie between all 5 friends trhoughout their journey. Even the MC of this story has a very interesting story behind him, he lives the lifestyle of a double identity very well with his personality. Everyone is so great that I had trouble choosing a favorite, but if I had to narrow it down to 2, they would be Diana and Anya. However that is only my opinion, all the characters are great so no wrong choice on who your favorite character or love interest ends up being.

Here are a few cons I had that I'll mention:
Not a complete con but while I do enjoy English voice acting, I was a bit sad to learn it was only partial. I know voice acting is expensive so I don't fault the developers for that. I still enjoyed what voice acting we did get, but hopefully SoftColors are able get to a point where they are able to fund a fully voiced VN, I look forward to that day.
I know some people disliked the jumping animations but I didn't really mind it, in fact it's pretty funny to look at when you're on skip mode *boing boing*, so not really a con just felt I had to mention it.
Needs more romance moments and scenes. I loved what we got but I would have enjoyed seeing more scenes of the couple being romantic with each other.
May deserves a route! The one girl who has had genuine feelings and has understood Robin's ordeal from the very start. Feels bad, definitely believe she needed a route. Other than these few cons, this is a wonderful visual novel!

Would I recommend this game? As if I would say no after all the feelings I laid in this review. Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Aquadine. I look forward to following SoftColors and whatever other VNs they work on in the future.

What a pleasant experience it was to play the Visual Novel, Aquadine. Wonderful characters, beautiful scenery, and what a breathtaking setting of a watery city. Kudos to SoftColors on their magnificent debut into the VN genre. And congrats for bringing to life this enchanting tale of Aquadine.

I give Aquadine a 9.5 out of 10
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