🎵Yeah, I'm fighting hard and losing, learning through the bruising Maybe its a good thing I can't even tell
🎵Everybody falls down, all the way down You just gotta hold on tight
🎵I'm the dude with a don't care crown And I ain't gonna be taken down.
🎵So what if I fall? Better that I try instead of nothing at all.
🎵Everything's fine, you'll see.
🎵I will be fine, let my body do me right.
🎵We're gonna be good.
🎵This could be your year 'cause your life could take you somewhere new from here.
🎵Do you see how you've grown? Don't be sorry, then.
🎵Maybe its enough to be here? Take a breath and just be here.
🎵We’ll become who we’re meant to be.
🎵Maybe I'm hopeless, but I ain't lost hope yet.

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