Sewer rat
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I do not accept:
Level 0 or Private Profiles
VAC Banned/Game Banned Profiles
Spambots promoting scam sites (will be blocked and reported by 5+ alts)
SR+ scammers

Do not try to scam me, it is a waste of time - BAITED AND REPORTED
Spambots promoting scam sites - REMOVED, BLOCKED AND REPORTED BY A BUNCH OF ALTS

How I play CS:GO: Bottom fragging on every single match

Knife history (sort by first):
Gut Knife Case Hardened FT
Gut Knife Black Laminate BS
StatTrak Gut Knife Rust Coat BS
StatTrak M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh FT (current)

Feel free to use my affiliate on Hellcase, it would help me a lot: Anomalio
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There are some impersonators impersonating my profile, make sure, before trading, that:
· my profile is level 11
· my profile has a 500 XP Global Sentinel (CS:GO) badge featured
· my inventory is always public and has high tier skins in it
· this is my only account

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Sewer rat Apr 16 @ 5:59am 
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✪biancs Apr 13 @ 11:16am 
nice profile :D
dr.kroko Apr 11 @ 7:04am 
+rep good player
kennyS Apr 10 @ 4:59am 
It’s only 3 days for like no reason lol
♛DenniS♛ Mar 31 @ 9:54am 
Signed by ♛DenniS♛ :mrprar1::mrprar2::mrprar3::mrprar4:
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:goldenH: Signed by shaqzBiceps :goldenH: