You know Paris, France? In English, it's pronounced "Paris" but everyone else pronounces it without the "s" sound, like the French do. But with Venezia, everyone pronouces it the English way: "Venice". Like The Merchant of Venice or Death in Venice. WHY, THOUGH!? WHY ISN'T THE TITLE DEATH IN VENEZIA!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? IT TAKES PLACE IN ITALY, SO USE THE ITALIAN WORD, DAMMIT! THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF! BUNCH OF DUMBASSES!
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quzat0r Feb 26 @ 2:11pm 
my best friend :D
Vegeta SSB [⚜] Feb 5 @ 11:31pm 
tried this lets see now
Vegeta SSB [⚜] Feb 5 @ 11:30pm 
Yea but no success yet
CalhounMaker2025 Feb 5 @ 11:29pm 
Have you tried to fix it?
Vegeta SSB [⚜] Feb 5 @ 11:28pm 
Since that broadcast thing