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I can say without a doubt that Monster Sanctuary has become one of my favorite games, possibly even my favorite of all time. I’ve followed this game for a whole year, but only picked it up near the end of 2020. I can't recommend this game enough.

You can really feel the heart that went into the game. Every part of it, from the monsters to something as simple as jumping, each thing in this game was made with love. The soundtrack is another amazing part of it. Each track is great and I can see myself listening to them for a long while.

Gameplay seems simple: 3 on 3 battles with the monsters you've collected. Sounds easy enough, but things are always easier said than done. Battles in Monster Sanctuary are deep and complex, allowing you to think about each move. Should you go all out offensive, or maybe play the long game with shields and healing? Each battle is different, allowing you to try out multiple different strategies. Each monster has it's own skill tree as well, which leads to multiple different ways to use each monster. How you make your team is completely up to you. Thousands of combinations means this game can be infinitely replayed, feeling fresh each time.

The story of Monster Sanctuary isn't too groundbreaking, but it isn't something you'd be paying close attention to anyways. It is a metroidvania, so feel free to wander around the sanctuary as you please. After the first two areas you're free to explore wherever. Monsters scale based on how many rooms you've explored, so be sure not to skip too many fights or you might find yourself struggling.

I don't think I need to say much more. The game is absolutely fantastic and I'd definitely recommend it. My only regret is that I didn’t pick this game up sooner, perhaps a year ago when I first discovered it. My GOTY for 2020 and one of my personal favorite games.

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