What brings you to my profile?:balloonicorn:
Either way I sometimes make "cool sh1t"
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Workshop Showcase
Workshop Showcase
Great North a 2CP attack/defense map where you be fighting get to through to Red's chateau set near a village and a arctic facility.

Update 1:
.Fixed visual bugs
.Minor changes made to A and B

Update 2:
.Minor bug fixes
.Updated skybox
.Some c
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Workshop Showcase
The once known dustbowl has now been cursed with a dust storm raging around the map like a dust devil. With the curse in place, Blu must fight through the familiar layout with new surprises in place to spice up the fights. Through ghost towns, abandon mine
Bio Shiza
General stuff:

Slowly becoming a trader someday

Level designer for TF2

Wanna be TF2UBER

Favorite games so far: TeamFortress2, Plants vs Zombies, Cuphead, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, and Pizza tower
TF2 stuff

Released maps so far
Great North
Scrumpy land
Dust Devil

If you were killed by me, you are very unlucky.

I play Blackwonder Zombie Survival US / current staff member at BLW for said server

MvM stats (Total tours from Mecha Engie, Two Cities, and Gear Grinder: 110)

Two Cities (current tour count 26)

Tour 9 - TomiSlave : 22 keys

Tour 16 - Axtinguisher: 10 keys

Gear Grinder (current tour count 78)

Tour 4 Ambassador: 12 keys

Tour 10 - Ambassador: 12 keys

Tour 18 - Wrench: 37 keys

Tour 42 - Minigun: 26 keys
all the aussies I got
total 6 out of 110
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Alright sounds good to me
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I will now rotate your kidneys 72 in degrees Celsius.
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BASSCAT Oct 29 @ 2:25pm 
I was lied to.
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Give me a gold pan, then we can talk
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nice duel we want you for a video