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:nekoheart: truly loving yourself and accepting yourself is one the best things you can have :nekoheart:
:spyro: Rock the world so much it like a party :spyro:

Gender Female

Age 30

i Love anime/manga and games
i love to draw in anime style to


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:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Steam Name formerly Chizuru now xXLimeXx :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Real Name TeyAnna :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Gender Female :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Age 31 :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Zodiac Cancer Crab July / Year of the Sheep :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: 16 Personality Test : INFP :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: relationship status : Single But Not Interested In Dating Anyone :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

WARNING : can end up being a natural flirt not intentional though

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Disability / Illness : TSC | LAM | ADHD | Epilepsy | Anemia | Endometriosis the endometriosis was remove dec 6th 2021 :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Sexuality : Love Is Love No Matter What Gender you Are :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Loves / Like Games , Visual Novels, Manga, Anime, Art and craft , the ocean , Animals , Nature , Asian food sashimi and sushi and many other foods as well as italian food and mexican food :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: Hate/Dislike Tomato,Wasabi , Rude and mean people , haters of the lgbt , politics ,racism , sexism , anyform of violence against others or children and or animals :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:

:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry: More Info :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain: :celeste_strawberry:
:celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain::celeste_strawberry:Game Im Working On :celeste_strawberry: :celeste_mountain::celeste_strawberry:

Amnesia Memories on the ( Switch )

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on the (PS4)

My Visual Novel Fan page

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