Brandon   Bullhead City, Arizona, United States
Heya friend my name is BiohazaredPyro-B87 but just call me Bio so a few things about me i have ADHD, Autism, and bit of Bipolar a teen living in Bullhead City, Arizona. I'm a nice person but somethings can really just . . . push my buttons and make me, well not me but i switch back fairly quick i like friendly people in games and sometimes i lose my cool when a "Tryhard" ruins the fun but i still need to deal with it but for me understanding certain consepes is challenging for me but i still try well that's all thanks for dropping by and keep the fire burning in your heart!
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Ku6a Oct 11 @ 8:24am 
Heya bio.hope everything is ok with you
BiohazardPyro-B87 Sep 26 @ 1:58pm 
True that just hope my wifi starts working normally again soon
ThatGuyBlaze Sep 25 @ 11:32am 
I should play some tf2 with you again homie
Kawaii Weeb Sep 1 @ 7:01pm 
dude are you gonna accept my friend request
BiohazardPyro-B87 Aug 30 @ 7:24am 
T_T Aug 30 @ 7:00am