cahleb   Australia
hello i am am pink also if any one wants to trade leave a message same with friending me LEAVE A COMMENT K k also my friends are wildcard, mr grifter, thesadboy thank for reading this also if u dress up as a f2p and make people rage go and kill your self u cunt so if u dress up as a f2p do not add me u fuck and if u are scammer with the i am valve agent you are getting banned trick GO AWAY!

Bonus will trade for pink hat items or paint
Do note I have a trade hold
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PINK_BIRD Nov 18 @ 1:49am 
Wildcard ( Nov 17 @ 5:48pm 
PINK_BIRD Nov 12 @ 3:47pm 
♥♥♥♥ off scamners bbfndndnfbdhd fbdvdgeh
PINK_BIRD Jul 9 @ 10:21pm 
oh my wifi goes slose
Dr.Hue Jul 9 @ 7:31pm 
confirm our trade already lol
PINK_BIRD Jun 19 @ 1:54am 
if anyone wants to help me with my initory plz do send trade or just trade in jenral:balloonicorn::sentry::cleankey: