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When you look at the Sims4 and the mods it has, you can see that a quality job can be done on a single mesh. The main things to consider are the animation quality, textures and lighting. Without these, the models do appear very flat and lifeless. That is far more a factor than a single mesh with morphs.
Jul 8 @ 3:50pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by Tailib:
My absolute favourite thing on iStripper has always been the Duo Cards. It could be an extra item on the menu in the Club. Maybe a special private room for it? It would be awesome to have girl on girl shows with tongues, fingers, toys, strap-ons, some soft BDSM, etc., like on those cards. Being able to stand up and move around the room to see different angles, and touch the girls too, would be an awesome bonus.

It’s a good idea, but hard to achieve. If you like that kind of thing, Future Love Space Machine might be of interest. It’s not VR, but it’s quite good.

As an extension of your idea, perhaps we could have a feature where iStripper shows play on screens in the club?
I've said this elsewhere in other threads, but I wanted to showcase this idea on its own.

In simple terms, Totem - you need to focus as much of your energy as possible on increasing the customisation capability of the girls. Let me explain why that will be a BOOM for business.

First, enable greater flexibility of size and style for all aspects of the girls - similar to how it is done in Future Love Space Machine (FLSM). This offers players a single base model with incredible morphs for every aspect of the model's appearance (in the case of FLSM it even includes Male and Exotic types such as cats and aliens!).

In fact, why not contact the developer of FLSM and see if you can license their character creator - or hire them to create one for you? No sense in reinventing the wheel!

Next, open up the ability for people to share their creations via Steam Workshop. A simple settings file that can be imported into the game, or uploaded to the Workshop attached to the game. In this way, people can create a huge variety of models to suit their taste and share with others - and players can download these models easily.

And here is where the dollars come in.

By selling DLC with the accessories, hairstyles, outfits, makeup styles, textures, animations, shoes, etc in packs (perhaps including 3-5 pre-made girls), players could pay to enjoy the different "themes" or items and use these to decorate their girls - which they would then also share on the Workshop.

So, if I see something in the Workshop that I like - the only way to get that EXACT look is to own the associated DLC.

Better yet, why not include "Fantasy Rooms" in some of the DLC that you can access from the main clubs if you own the DLC? For example, a "Sexy Pirates" outfit and accessory set with a "Pirate's Cove" fantasy room. What a combination! The "Fantasy Rooms" could be accessible as a teleport location in the club similar to the exit. Once you teleport there, you get a menu offering you Fantasy Room access if you have the DLC installed.

Doing this should enable Totem to release smaller new packs every month - which would provide a constant stream of revenue to keep developing the base game. And you could also have more "major" releases including the Fantasy Rooms or even entirely new clubs every couple of months as well.

Best of all, your players would be doing your marketing for you. Every bit of content they create with these DLC packs would be shared and showcased in the community, which would drive more sales. This would be enormously good for Totem's business ... and also amazing for all of us who really love this experience.

Hope that idea inspires you!
I have an even better hack. Have 2 Steam accounts - one for your general gaming, and one for things you don't want to share. That way, you can keep them separate and don't need to mess about so much. Takes about 5 minutes to set up, and you can add command line parameters to your shortcuts to open different profiles. I have icons for my personal and general Steam instances that I use regularly.
I would love to see customisation similar to what is offered in FLSM (Future Love Space Machine). The options there are wide and varied - including cyborgs, cats, aliens and all sorts of exotic girls. If Totem could take ideas from this, and let us share the girls on Steam Workshop, we would have an endless supply of body types and styles to choose from.

Then, they could sell us the DLC for all the outfits, accessories, hair and makeup styles, shoes, etc. They could also introduce new "emotes" (dances) for the girls we can purchase, as well as new club environments.

Each of the DLC packs could include (say) 5 new girls (really just presets created using the editor) to showcase the new outfits, etc.

This would avoid Totem having to create so many new girls for the club, keep the vibe going, enable them to showcase special events (e.g. a "Happy Halloween" pack with witch, skeleton, etc - including textures, accessories, outfits, hairstyles, makeup styles, shoes and perhaps even an exclusive new dance style).

I'm really confident this would make this experience really take off. The combination of the community creating and sharing different girls (including tributes to famous personalities, as well as stylised girls from around the world), along with a steady supply of DLC-based outfits and accessories to dress them up in would be amazing!

Imagine having a Steam Workshop full of new girls to access every single day, as well as the ability to create your own, or edit them to your tastes! Then, when a featured girl in the Workshop is wearing a particular outfit or accessory - BOOM you're going to want to buy the DLC, no doubt. It's a win-win for everyone.

Totem could put their effort into creating new outfits for the girls, which they could hopefully release monthly. I for one would happily give them money every month to increase my library of available options - especially if I knew the community would be creating new girls and looks with them that I could download and enjoy.
Jul 7 @ 6:20pm
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Originally posted by Thistle Honeymead:
Originally posted by wtprivate:
Part of the challenge here is adding MP3 support to Unreal requires a custom decoder, or licensing third party software. Unreal only supports OGG natively. Hi

Sounds like a trivial problem to solve, especially since Windows has native decoders for MP3 and ACC that could be hooked into.

(Also, only OGG? Seriously? What is this a Linux distro from 1999?)

You might be right - but I'd rather see them release an OGG version soon, than wait for ages for an MP3 / ACC version to arrive. It seems to be a popular request (despite my own personal misgivings about it), and given they are already using embedded OGGs for playback, I can't imagine reading a folder full of OGGs would be that hard for them to accomplish.

Adding MP3/ACC support would require a bit more work using the Windows Media API, and could come later depending on demand once OGG is supported.
Jul 7 @ 3:20am
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Originally posted by wtprivate:
Here are my feature requests, or others that I like:

* Ability to play with keyboard and mouse (non VR support)
* Girls to have a "like" factor - and only agree to dance if they like you enough
* Buy the girls drinks - and getting her favourite adds "like" points
* Drink - choose a drink and have the barman make it for you
* Smoke cigars - feel like a big shot!
* XP - let me earn rewards and "level up" for playing the game by earning new content; show my XP or level on a leaderboard
* Season Pass - add new and exclusive limited-time content (girls, outfits, shoes, hairstyles, make-up, accessories, music, sounds, clubs) regularly - like Fortnite
* Director - let me pop a menu during a dance to make the girl perform an animation so I can direct the action; have different animations / emotes in the club, table dance and private dance
* Settings - let me turn music on/off, and change the volume of the background, music, girls and voice over sounds
* Mirroring - let me turn off screen mirroring on my monitor, so the session is private in VR
* Collision - don't let my hands go through things (menu, girls breasts, ♥♥♥)
* Interaction - let the girl respond when I touch her, so her body and her voice makes it real; maybe some girls don't let you touch and get mad and leave the dance - and some other girls are a bit naughtier?
* Vibration - add subtle controller vibration when I touch the girl to add realism
* Achievements - add more achievements for playing the game
* Zoom - let me zoom in on the action on stage
* Scaling - let me scale the view in Settings
* Customise - let me customise the club colours, logos, images on the walls, lighting, etc
* Girl variety - include all kinds of girls from different backgrounds, sizes, attitude, etc
* Collection - let me add girls and their outfits to a personalised collection so I can call on them later
* Feature shows - have some "feature shows" with bathtub, cream, or special outfits

Here's the post that started the thread. I think the team has done a great job of adding many / most of these features!

Still so much I would love to see added - but wanted to recognise the efforts of the team so far, especially now we are over 1,000 posts in this thread!
Jul 6 @ 2:41am
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What this game needs is COMMUNITY. What do I mean by this?

1. Ability to customise the girls from a single BASE model - and extend the options on size, pubic hair, eyes, makeup, accessories, etc
2. Let us SHARE our creations (with names) on Steam Workshop - so people can make tributes to different models, actresses or different looks or styles
3. Add lots of DLCs for different outfits, styles and accessories - including shoes, stockings, boots, themes and more
4. Keep adding different CLUB environment DLCs , perhaps include new lighting, pyro and smoke FX too
5. Keep adding more dance routines / emotes for the girls that we can buy as DLCs
6. Enable ability to add your own OGG files to a music directory for custom music

This would keep an endless supply of new girls, locations, outfits and a sense of COMMUNITY to this game.

To me, this would make the audience for this experience EXPLODE ... in more ways than one!
Jun 29 @ 8:12pm
In topic Custom Songs
See what I mean?
Jun 29 @ 4:37pm
In topic Custom Songs
If this was purely limited to adding your own OGG files to the music directory, I don’t think it would be too much effort. In that case, I’d support it.

That said, I doubt everyone will be satisfied with that.
Jun 18 @ 6:14pm
In topic Not available in Australia
Would like to purchase this EA game ... but not available for purchase in Australia. Can you please fix? Thanks.
Would love to see this experience expanded with more customisation options, additional outfit and accessory packs and mechanics. Happy to pay for that as DLC, but would like to see these released at least monthly.
Jun 12 @ 7:09pm
In topic pornstar strippers?
Nothing worth doing is ever easy
Jun 12 @ 12:42am
In topic pornstar strippers?
To me, the easy answer to this one is to offer a much wider range of customisation, and enable players to share their creations via the Steam Workshop. In this way, players could create "tributes" to celebrities, p*rn stars and their favourite girl next door. Having a much more diverse set of costume, body, hair and accessory options would make this experience absolutely incredible.

I still think the best thing Totem could do with this title is to build it into a "Stripclub Empire Simulator", where we can create and "own" multiple clubs at places around the world, and compete to become the most profitable owners on the planet. Every time someone visits our clubs and orders a dance, we get additional XP - meaning that having the right girls in the right environment would be the secret to success. There could be so many achievements attached to this, and the idea of travelling around the world visiting different clubs and seeing a wide variety of girls and environments would make for thousands of hours of replayability.

From a revenue point of view, Totem could sell different outfits, accessories and club component packs we can use to build our own clubs and customise the girls. I personally would prefer a kind of "season pass" model for this - but I know that is controversial. So having an "item store" for these (DLC) would also be OK.

Jun 12 @ 12:38am
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Coincidence and racism are not the same thing. Given the diversity of girls on the iStripper product (granted, there could be more from Asia - but I think this is more a practical concern than any specific bias by the developers), I sincerely doubt there was any intent behind this.

That said, I agree that there should not be restrictions on which items are used with which models, and we should have much more customisation options to reflect a wider range of diversity of race, colour, shape, size and more.

In short, while it's very likely not intentional to have such a bias - I think there is room to embrace the diversity of all different girls in this game.
Jun 7 @ 6:02pm
In topic Utopia DLC is fun!
I was blown away by the quality of this new DLC. The lighting, skin textures, costumes and club are all amazing. Well done team.

I hope this is the beginning of a much expanded version of VRP with lots more to do.

Would love to see this become the social game I suggested way back at the beginning where we can all create and customise our own virtual clubs around the world from pre made parts, populate it with customised girls, and compete to be the most popular club on the Steam Workshop.

Great stuff guys.
Welcome to the real world.
Apr 2 @ 2:19am
In topic What next on VR Paradise
In fairness, Alyx is getting a non VR patch
Mar 26 @ 5:05am
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Originally posted by Deer Trap:
Originally posted by wtprivate:

Yes. But it requires a license and API from Spotify. Unlikely they would approve this title due to brand concerns I would think.

It's not hard to get a developer key for Spotify I have one :P

Watch how quickly that gets revoked if you publish an adult title.
Mar 24 @ 8:26pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by Deer Trap:
Originally posted by wtprivate:

Possible? Yes.
Likely? Nope.

In order to implement this, you would need to be able to code drivers. That’sa totally different skillset to game development.

Spotify has already had development in UE, there is publically available guides on it.

Yes. But it requires a license and API from Spotify. Unlikely they would approve this title due to brand concerns I would think.
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