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Mar 16 @ 10:10pm
In topic Graphics Settings confusion.
Hey there. Those are some great questions you're not the first to bring that up I think?

@stephane.totem or @Totem - can you shed some light on these questions for us, please?
Mar 16 @ 2:42pm
In topic Will this work without VR?
Great. Thanks for letting us know!
Mar 15 @ 5:42pm
In topic No Blond girls?
Not a dev, just a volunteer. But you're welcome :)
Mar 14 @ 11:29pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by VRheadset:
1. casual AI mic response. Nothing specific but maybe they pick up on some things you say.

2. definitely more body types.

Hi @VRheadset.

More body types is a popular request, for sure. In fact, I'd go so far as to say dancer variety is the number one request. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the hardest to implement! The team are working on it, but it will take some time.

Flirting with the dancers through the microphone (a-la GTA V) is something that is on the list for consideration. Honestly, I don't think it needs AI as such. It would probably be enough for any sound through the microphone to trigger a reaction from the girls.

Mar 14 @ 11:20pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by CoolNatureBoy:
Originally posted by socarsat:
I need more services from girls (it can be new DLC):
-Blow job in private or on stage ...
-Various sex (various positions, places)
-Masturbatin show by hand or dild.o
-Lesbi show
-Girls in orgazm (oh i need this ) :steammocking:

It can be pervert it's no real.
This platform have a potential to be best VR Night club.
No thats wont fit for this virtual striptease experience .
but 2 or more girls dance together would be nice that i agree.

That's right. Duos is on the list of possible future features already. Still, there is a lot of work to do yet!
Mar 14 @ 11:17pm
In topic Will this work without VR?
@DEATH - you're right. And we hear you!

You'll notice in the upcoming features announcement posted the other day that a new feature that is being added this month is the ability to play without VR controllers. You should be able to use keyboard, mouse or gamepad controller instead.

Do you own a smartphone? If you do, then I think you'll like where this is going...

For a very small amount (less than $50), you can turn your smartphone into a basic VR headset using software like Riftcat VRidge ( or Kino VR (

While I haven't tested it myself yet, I am hoping that the ability to play without the VR controllers, combined with this simple solution, will let LOTS more people experience VR Paradise very soon!

Granted, it's not the same as experiencing it with a real VR headset - but the results are still pretty impressive for most things I've tried elsewhere.

Fingers crossed!
Mar 14 @ 11:13pm
In topic No Blond girls?
Mar 14 @ 6:44am
In topic No Blond girls?
Thanks for joining us, @NeoJD. Your request is a popular one.

As @Madwolf has said, there were some technical difficulties with blonde hair in this early access release. Similarly with long hair.

However, I can share that the team is actively working to find a solution to these issues, and has recently made some solid progress in this area.

Rest assured, the Totem team has a very high standard of work, so when they've really nailed it, I'm sure they'll share it with players everywhere!
Mar 11 @ 2:56pm
In topic Upcoming features!
Yes! Looking forward to this release. Thanks guys.
Mar 10 @ 7:47pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by Alskek:
can we uh...... get co-op?

What exactly do you mean by co-op?

Multiplayer has been discussed a lot on these forums, and the general (overwhelming) sentiment was it would cause more issues than it would provide enjoyment.
Mar 10 @ 2:40pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Hi @socarsat. Thanks for your suggestions, and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, I don't think you'll get all of those features in VR Paradise in future. The vision for this product is very clearly about an authentic strip club experience.

Totem Entertainment, the developers of this title, have a long history in the industry and their products have a very specific feel.

It's possible there may be XXX shows and duos in future based on their other product, iStripper. However, these are probably a long way off.

There are many other games on Steam that will meet your criteria. Love Vibe Aria, SinVR, and others.

There are also a wide range of titles on Patreon that might be more what you're after. I recommend /r/adultvrgames on Reddit for more information on that.
Mar 9 @ 4:02am
In topic Join the Discord!
Too many pins makes it invisible. For now is it'sjust a call out.
Mar 8 @ 2:31pm
In topic No sound
Hello and welcome to the forums.

You'll find a few helpful tips on resolving this issue in our FAQ here:

Hope you find this helpful, and please let us know if you need further assistance by joining the Discord:

Mar 8 @ 4:10am
In topic Join the Discord!
Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by here on the forums.

If you haven't joined already, now is a great time to join the VR Paradise discord.

You can ask for assistance, see sneak previews of coming features and hang out with like minded people.

Just visit

We'd love to have you there.
Hi there, and thanks for the suggestion.

The developer of this game is Totem Entertainment, who have been in business for over 20 years, with successful products like iStripper.

While Patreon does have its place for smaller indie startups, and even some larger firms at times, it's not something that is for everyone.

In this case, Totem has chosen Steam early access as the vehicle for developing VR Paradise.

Updates are posted periodically here, and the team does read these forums and is staying close to what players are asking for already. In addition, members of the community such as myself are here to help provide support.

So far, projects coming out of Patreon have been far less polished and functional than VR Paradise in my view. Titles such as VR T*tties, VAM and others provide some impressive demo material, but are far from ready for commercial release. And many such projects are eventually abandoned by the developers.

Thankfully, Totem is committed to the vision of what VR Paradise is, and can become. Personally, I feel Patreon would be a distraction and unlikely to tangibly impact on progress in this case.

That said, it's always possible Totem may consider it in future.
Mar 7 @ 5:44am
In topic New Feature Requests
Ok thanks for letting me know. I'll check in with the team to see if they might be able to shed any light on this. Sorry it's not working for you.
Mar 7 @ 2:03am
In topic New Feature Requests
Thanks @Zenobo, and welcome to the forums!

Great to hear you're enjoying the latest update. There is more to follow.

The requests you've mentioned are all popular ones from the community, so you'll be glad to know they are already being considered by the team on the list of possible features.

The haptics should work with your Vive already. You should feel it in the menus, and also during the private dance when touching the girls in certain areas. If this is not happening, please let us know and the team will investigate. Keep in mind the haptics are very subtle by design.

The exit is the yellow teleport circle next to the bar. I agree it could be more obvious, or even have a "pause" menu with an exit option (I have already suggested this to the team myself).

Variety of the girls is the number one request, and something the team is working hard to address. Obviously these models take time to create, and the team is exploring clever ways to create more variety in the models ... so don't expect it soon, but it is being worked on.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
Mar 7 @ 12:50am
In topic BUG reports
Thanks for the report, @dbdragracer. Will past that one on to the team!

And thanks for the kind words. I know the team will appreciate it.
Mar 6 @ 6:52pm
In topic New Feature Requests
Originally posted by gene357:
Possible to have more girls without stocking or option to turn off or on? Seems the majority have after I got the DLC or does this change? Sorry just not a fan.

Hi there, and welcome to the forums. Thanks for your feedback.

At this time, there are 4 models, each with 3 looks to provide a total of 12 girls to choose from. Work is underway to expand this selection during Early Access, however at this time it is not possible to switch on or off stockings, sorry.

Ultimately, the goal will be to provide a wide variety of different girls and outfits as the game evolves.
Mar 6 @ 2:24am
In topic New Feature Requests
I don't think the actual words matter so much. It's more about the illusion that what you're saying is making a difference.
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