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Jun 1 @ 2:26am
In topic Graphic setting
Buy a 3080Ti. Problem solved 🤣
But … wouldn’t that make it the next update? 🤔
May 8 @ 2:47pm
In topic Too close - eyes cross
Probably easier to try recalibration or shift the way you’re wearing the device a little.

Failing that you can get prescription lenses for your headset. I never understood why there isn’t a diopter adjustment built into the headset. We have lateral IPD, but not depth.
May 8 @ 2:44pm
In topic Tutorial
Maybe it’s time for a tutorial on the tutorial? /s
May 7 @ 2:51pm
In topic is this game fun
Whether this game is fun or not for you is all in your hands. 🤣
May 7 @ 2:27am
In topic Quest 2 Bug
Have you tried changing the settings in the Oculus Desktop Tool?

If you’re using Link or Air Link, you will need to alter one of the settings.

Check YouTube for the fix.
May 7 @ 2:25am
In topic Colab Request: SUBVERSE
Forum farming isn’t cool bro.
May 7 @ 2:24am
In topic Too close - eyes cross
It’s your calibration and the way you’re wearing your headset. I’ve had similar issues myself. Wearing glasses probably doesn’t help in my case.
Given its a native feature, it should work seamlessly. Although it is an experimental feature for now.

One key factor will be the setup of your wifi network. Is recommended to have your PC wired to the router, and be using a 5GHz 802.11ac (Wifi 5) or 802.11ax (Wifi 6) network. You should also be close to the router when using your headset - ideally within 6-8ft (2-3m).

The same principles would apply for Virtual Desktop.

Hope that helps.
For those using Quest 2, the new v28 version of the firmware (apparently rolling out now, but may take a few days) will make wireless PCVR a native feature (experimental for now, but unlocked in the headset).

To access it, you will need the v28 Oculus Desktop software AND the v28 firmware on your Quest 2. Note this feature is NOT available on Quest 1 at this time, however Facebook have said they are prioritising Quest 2 and may consider it later.

For everyone else, you can keep using Virtual Desktop app :)

All the VRParadise, none of the cables.

Mar 31 @ 10:58pm
In topic Can you play this on oculus quest 2?
Originally posted by K Rock XP:
Hey. I’m new to this vr stuff but what you recommend here still requires a pc right? The pc works with the quest using the workaround you mentioned but via wifi?

Originally posted by aikicoof:
It works fine using virtual desktop. You need to have SideQuest as well. (Download VD on the quest, sideload a patch for it through SideQuest, then play a bunch of steam vr games on the quest wirelessly.)

Mar 31 @ 4:32am
In topic Oculus Quest 2 stand alone compatability
No. You need a PC to run it.
Mar 15 @ 10:27pm
In topic Breasts
Originally posted by bigmikeit:
Originally posted by Sader_85:
Quick question from the noob....what is a "mesh" ? I'm just starting to get into Daz Studio and learning lots but keep hearing this referenced.

Blender is a program (that is free) and works with meshes. All they have to do is allow custom character cards like with Honey Select 2.

Um. There’s a little more to it than that.
Mar 14 @ 12:59pm
In topic Do You Need Any Help?
Originally posted by diamantino:
Спасибо, удалось начать играть.

Рад помочь. Наслаждаться!
Mar 12 @ 3:07pm
In topic New Feature Requests
There’s literally no reason they can’t provide texture and colour variations. If the challenge is fit, that’s a mesh problem not a texture problem.

Heck, open up the textures for modders and see what happens. Then all they would have to do is provide the meshes for a variety of items and some basic textures. The rest of the variants can be done by modders using simple graphics software to save PNGs.
Mar 12 @ 1:06pm
In topic Do You Need Any Help?
Originally posted by diamantino:
Как играть??????????

Похоже, вы попали в туториал? Как правило, вам нужно выполнить первые три шага и инструкции для Холли, прежде чем вы сможете играть. если это не работает по какой-либо причине, вы можете отклонить учебник в главном меню.
Mar 12 @ 12:57pm
In topic Breasts
Originally posted by Sader_85:
Quick question from the noob....what is a "mesh" ? I'm just starting to get into Daz Studio and learning lots but keep hearing this referenced.

The mesh is the particular arrangement of points (vertices more precisely) in 3D space that form the model’s shape. If you switch to wireframe mode in Daz, you can actually see why it’s called a mesh.
Mar 9 @ 9:11pm
In topic Updates are slow to install !!!
Originally posted by Zadak:
Because it has to modify the files most likely, put it on an SSD and it will be faster.

It’s also a matter of how they are asset bundling. They should separate the assets to make updates faster.
Mar 8 @ 1:23am
In topic No Valentine's Event this year?
Originally posted by Moban351:
Originally posted by wtprivate:

Apparently some do. You don’t? All good.

i'm still trying to understand why people care about these. I legitimately don't understand it.

The good news is you're not required to. There are many things about others we will never understand. Just let it go, kickback, relax and enjoy what is.
Originally posted by Moban351:
sounds lame, sorry just being honest. I dont see why this would be needed and i really hope devs dont waste time on stuff like this

What DO you want them to spend their time on? Please add your thoughts in the “New Feature Requests” thread.
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