My Top Ten Anime List:
1.Code Geas
2.No game No Life
3.Re Zero
4.Tokyo Ghoul
5.Seraph of the end
6.Black Bullet
7.Gurren Lagann
8.One Punchman
9.Steins Gate
10.Darker Than Black

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Created by - 🥕Carrot
Are you a big fan of Sword Art Online and their Sinon?
You also want to use your AWP like her?
Then read this little informative guide!
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DerM4NU3L Apr 3 @ 11:45am 
CSGO Ranks
~ Silver I ✖️
~Silver II ✖️
~Silver III ✖️
~Silver IV ✖️
~Silver Elite ✔️
~Silver Elite Master ✔️
~Gold Nova ✔️
~Gold Nova II ✔️
~Gold Nova III ✔️
~Gold Nova Master ✔️
~Master Guardian I ✔️
~Master Guardian II ✔️
~Master Guardian Elite ✔️
~Distinguished Master Guardian ✔️
~Legendary Eagle ✔️
~Legendary Eagle Master ✔️ (curent rank) :csgoglobe:

~Supreme Master First Class ✖️
~The Global Elite ✖️
DerM4NU3L Mar 7 @ 9:27am 
+rep Guter CS:GO Spieler:steamhappy:
DerM4NU3L Mar 7 @ 9:26am 
headshot=Ausraster :steamfacepalm::brawler: