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I am collecting frying pans. idk why but still, collecting pans.
Pans collected: 23 (Including 2 named)
Pan donations will be accepted

If you want to know more about me, please check my custom info box below.

yes im a railfan how could you tell i got 5 train sims how are ya
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Welcome to my profile, stranger, friend, or even me.

(Description last updated on August 6th, 2020)

-----===Friend quote wall of fame===-----

"*Miku stabs a disabled man in a chair and goes to jail for life*" -Wild meme

"You are now gordon treeman from half leaf" -Wild meme

"vomit" -Wild meme

"Knowing how you work, you're gonna be on that for hours." -Imaya Bakarin (For context, I was
playing a trainsim for the first time)

"Looks kinda exist" -Tyler

"Blue is the color of the sky, Red is the color of the ocean, and blue is the color of the ocean, and I'm a school shooter." -Markku Siltanen

"bright lights" -Imaya Bakarin

"F U C K you engi" -John (I was tree engineer at the time)

"Everybody gangsta til the christmas tree pulls a gun" -Wild meme

-----=====DO NOT add me without telling me why in the comments.=====-----

Here's a list of why I might randomly friend request you:
-You're an IRL friend of mine
-You're trusted by me
-My account probably got hacked
-I had a duel with you and liked the duel
-Thought you were a cool guy in TF2
-I heard about you from one of my friends and you seemed like a cool guy

Here's a list of acceptable friend request reasons (Reasons will be added/removed from time to time):
-You're some guy I friended on discord but not steam
-We had a good duel and you want to duel me again
-You have a friend in common with me (Only acceptable if said mutual friend is someone I play with alot)

---===About my workshop creations===---
I'll be fine if you copy my workshop submissions, just credit me.
I'll upload workshop items occasionally, you'll mostly see stuff from Garry's Mod.
Expect a lot of trains. fr now, they're fun to make and drive.
I made an addon that adds some sounds to GMod, it'll be updated every few days.

---===People I do not like===---
Reason: Threatened to hack me if I didn't give him all my TF2 taunts and my strange part transifier.
Reason: Is a tryhard that caps in TF2 and doesn't know how to chat. He also followed the servers I went to once.
Reason: This ♥♥♥♥er scammed me successfully out of my account. This guy thought he could take my account unnoticed with my 3 groups of friends, steam support, and discord. When this profile update is at least 10 hours old, he will have seen some ♥♥♥♥ because of me.

---My best friends---
Reason: Cool guy, plays gmod often, and chill in chat
Reason: Cool kid, enjoy playing portal 2 with him

---===What I will do if you randomly friend request me with no reasoning===---
-Check your account on
-Check your account on steam
-Look at your game library

If I decide that you're a cool guy, I'll accept your request.

---TF2 item wishlist (From most wanted to least wanted)---
- Strange part: Pyros killed
- Strange part: Heavies killed
- Flamethrower strangifier

Please don't give me items unless you really want to because I am heavily burnt out on TF2

---===Games I play===---
Portal 2
Garry's Mod
L4D2 (Offline/with friends only)
CS:GO (Offline only)
Team Fortress 2 (Burnt out)
SVen Co-op (Rarely)

---===What I do when I'm not in a game===---
Watch YouTube, chat with my friends, maybe scroll on Reddit.

---My To-Do list---
-Make a Class 03 engine dupe (GMod) (Checked off, not published)
-Figure out how to counter a skilled/w+m1 pyro (TF2)
-Make a lime scout loadout (TF2, for joke purposes)
-Get donor on TF2SB (TF2, Checked off)
-Make a steam train dupe (GMod, Checked off)
-Make rolling stock for my train dupes (GMod) (Checked off, not published)
-Murder all the spahs (TF2)
-Become famous (Working on it)

---Things I hate in TF2---
-Autobalance (I will do anything to not be on RED, there's just something about BLU that really attracts me)
-Any form of skilled pyro (Can't counter em)
-Tryhards on all levels (Except those who just don't know what friendlies are and can easily be taught)
-Getting tauntkilled for no reason while friendly taunting (This pisses me off more than anything. You're lucky I can contain myself if you've done this to me more than once.)
-"Those" sniper mains that complain about bodyshot kills not being headshots (KILLS ARE KILLS)
-That one person that joins LazyPurple's silly servers just to kill everyone in sight

---Things I hate in GMod---
-"That" kid
-"Steam error: Error: No SteamUser."
-An addon that seems cool not showing up in-game

----=====What to do if my account gets hacked/hijacked=====----
-Block this account until you get a message saying that I'm back or when I comment on my profile that I'm back
-DO NOT unfriend my account unless you share a mutual group chat with one of my friends
-If the person hijacking my account tells you to friend someone, click the link, DO NOT friend them, but report and block them.
-Spread awareness of my account being hijacked as much as possible
-Friend my alt account:

(You should also do this if one of your friends gets hijacked too)

---===Locomotive Building & Running (LB&R) history and information===---
LB&R is a freight rail company that builds locomotives for other companies and themselves to use. LB&R mostly makes diesel shunting locomotives and occasionally steam locomotives. LB&R also buys locomotives from other railroad companies, most namely Electro-Motive Diesel and British Rail. LB&R's slogan is "Changing the future of freight rail"

LB&R was founded in November of 2019 by Tree Engineer (Real name Fischer Fischer) as and initially started off doing buisness as any other company. LB&R started building locomotives in January of 2020, starting off with the LB&R EST funded by Electro-Motive Diesel.

Some of LB&R's locomotives are kept private for use only with LB&R, such as the LB&R SWS. Otherwise, they're free and easy to use.

-If you see me go offline, it's most likely because the steam client froze and I had to close it via task manager or it's my offline time.
-I'm a railfan as you can probably tell just with a single glimpse of my profile.
-I'm 14
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Tree Pyro Aug 4 @ 2:54pm 
massive profile update my profile's no longer written by me from half a year ago
also some history and info about my fictional rail company at the bottom
Tree Pyro Jul 27 @ 6:52pm 
pyro with a tree hat
DR.Bright Jul 27 @ 5:55pm 
He is like a tree but a pyro
a Ape with a laptop Jun 12 @ 10:36am 
B e a n s
~~ Redback Phoenix UwU ~~ May 19 @ 7:42pm 
you, my good sir/ma'am/whatever. you gave me knowledge about hte concept of a female simp.
thank you.
KekeLogan May 8 @ 12:43am 
dargh stahp no agh no stop dargh!