Darius   Brasov, Brasov, Romania
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
If you have Trade Ban or Vac Ban i won't accept the Friend request
Hello, I'm _Inj3k_tor_
My Fav Game is Csgo
I start to play this game like 3years ago
In this game i found some very nice People, but i found too some toxic Guys
They kick you(if u don't speak they're language or they kill You...
My Ranks in Csgo:
Silver 1 ✔️
Silver 2 ✔️
Silver 3 ✔️
Silver 4 ✔️
Silver Elite ✔️
SME ✔️
Gold Nova 1 ✔️
Gold Nova 2 ✔️
Gold Nova 3 ✔️
GNM ✔️
MG 1 ✔️

Curently Rank: SEM

I played Really Every map in this game
But my Fav is: Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Cache and Overpass.

If you Want To play with me, you need to have:
Rank from Silver 1 to Gold Nova Master

If someone Troll or Play with cheat like WH AIM or Silent AIM i Will report Him and Delet him from Friendlist

If you want to give me some Free skins its wellkome for me.

If you want to trade with me, i trade only skins for skins, No Money for skins and no skins for money.

You looked at my profile, you can write a +Rep in My coments section. :insurgent:
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Thanks dad
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Wezzor 14 hours ago 
-rep cheater wall hack bunny
🍞Berke🍞 Apr 7 @ 11:43am 
-rep ♥♥♥♥ing hacker i hope you get vacbanned i re[layed the game your obviously watching thru walls
Staky Apr 6 @ 2:58pm 
-rep cheat comfirmed enjoy VAC BAN <3
Vloopar Apr 6 @ 2:44pm 
nice cheater see you soon with your vac ban my team ♥♥♥♥ you 16-14 withj your cheat noob learn to play retard
Erik Mar 25 @ 5:19pm 
Erik Mar 25 @ 5:19pm