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Unlocked Apr 28 @ 12:20am

You are prepared

You are prepared now
Unlocked May 26 @ 1:33am

Bloody mess

100 shotgun kills
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:45am

Bullet hell

100 uzi kills
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 12:29am


thrown 100 things
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:41am

Its high noon

killed 3 guys with double uzi shot
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:43am

Mind blown

Used Mind Wave for the first time
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:50am

Nice combo

Kill 3+ enemies with one burst while dual wielding uzis
Unlocked Apr 26 @ 11:55pm


Punch a single guy at least 5 times in a row
Unlocked May 26 @ 1:32am

Slice & dice

Cut few bullets using a knife
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 12:46am

Chosen one

Dodge 4 bullets at the same time
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 12:19am

Too cool to look

Kill an enemy while not looking at him
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 12:30am

Trigger happy

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a pistol

Close and personal

100 melee weapon klills
47 / 100

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