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11:05 PM - Ol' Mustard Head: wtf is a nep nep

Everything you need to play on my server

Nep-Nep: *hugs tightly* Iffy is so friggin adorable in that pic <3
Miwwa: owo
Miwwa: funfact.
Miwwa: its a cropped porn pic.
Miwwa: Lol.

10:34 AM - Codex Gigas: hair accessory
10:35 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Ohh
10:35 AM - Codex Gigas: can think of it as crown
10:35 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Oh, a crown? Huh... Weird, I was asking because of a certain fanfiction I read where Neptune tries to pull Rei's 'horn' off (Rei Ryghts: Ace Attourney) and she yelped in pain, claiming it hurt her. xD heh
10:35 AM - Codex Gigas: who knows
10:36 AM - Codex Gigas: there are many versions
10:36 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Hmm?
10:36 AM - Codex Gigas: of Rei
10:36 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Oh!
10:44 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Is she bangable?
10:45 AM - Codex Gigas: maybe
10:45 AM - Codex Gigas: but
10:45 AM - Codex Gigas: i think its Rei who will be doing the banging
10:45 AM - [NN$]Neptune: 0_0
10:45 AM - [NN$]Neptune: You think she's a dom?
10:45 AM - Codex Gigas: yes
10:45 AM - [NN$]Neptune: Oh my

Nep Nep: I hope this isn't a weird question but...
Nep Nep: What would you do if Ultra Purple Heart suddenly grabbed your butt!?
Lone Nep 💎: i think it would feel good~ i would let her continue
If you want to grab my butt, then do it... It's a nice butt... OuO A comfy butt... A squishy butt... >3>
Lone Nep: But best of all, Its a nepping cute butt o3o

Nep Nep: goodbye big me! =)
Nep_ko: See ya lil me!

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