Bobogoobo   United States
Achievement addict and recently started game/DLC/badge collector.

Barter [] - mainly have bundle leftovers, want any unowned games.

I don't accept friend invites if I don't know you or why you're adding me - please leave a profile comment if that is the case.

The other account with this name (and the vanity URL) is my family's account, which I used prior to creating this one for my sole personal use.

My wishlist: games I actually want to play +
any games with achievements AND cards +
games with many cheevos +
games in complete-the-set bundles +
games I'm waiting for best sale on +
games in many bundles I want to trade for +
games/DLC/etc for collection purposes +
games with no cheevos that regularly go on sale for 50 cents +
free games with achievements (to play later) +
50-cent games with no cheevos or cards that I'll buy later when I have more funds.
No particular order, though I'd like to put the first category at the top sometime.
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My achievement hunting philosophy: I don't use autoclickers or scripts of any kind. I don't edit files/data or save scum by external means unless it's required for an achievement, and I'll do that last. I try to actually play the games I'm hunting (until it proves it isn't worth the time) - that means no skipping VNs right off the bat just to get the achievements faster. I also prefer to try everything myself before looking up a guide. See also Unified Achievement Hunting Rules [].

Refresh if the achievement showcase isn't right here vvvvv
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Madnesis 9 hours ago 
+Rep, nice and easy trade! :rep2:
Vialma Dec 3 @ 3:34pm 
+rep good trader, recommended!
sifonys Dec 2 @ 7:41pm 
+rep,very nice trader:104:
neocow Nov 29 @ 11:06am 
xoxmodav Nov 19 @ 2:07pm 
+rep, good trader! :steamhappy:
zoltartheking Nov 17 @ 1:32am 
+rep, great trader, super fast!