im suicidal.
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Aragon2003dyl Jul 23 @ 5:12pm 
friend me again on discord my name is aragon2003dyl#9614
scout Jul 23 @ 2:38pm 
if u want to (that response was fast)
Aragon2003dyl Jul 23 @ 2:37pm 
so your trying to be friends again
scout Jul 23 @ 2:34pm 
i told you out of no where because i just got my pc back after being one for a long time
Aragon2003dyl Jul 22 @ 10:32pm 
ok why are you wanting to talk to me out of nowere now you havnt explained yet
scout Jul 20 @ 9:03pm 
@aragon2003dyl i ment to say i dont want to talk for a while ( 3 months because I have not been on here for a while my brother has